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  1. I have nothing to add, I said everything I wanted, so if Serif still doesn't change their mind then I think the topic can be closed.
  2. Microsoft supply Visual Studio Code, .NET Core and SQL Server for GNU/Linux for example. In my opinion data I have provided is sufficient enough.
  3. Before Serif had released Windows version you could said exactly the same. No one can answer your questions for now, we are not wizards to answer this kind of questions. There is always some risk. As a rational people we have to use only this data we have for today. I have provided some of them. Adobe Dreamweaver? It is a shame to use it for frontend nowadays. Devs at the meet.js conference would laugh at you if you brought Adobe Dreamweaver with you. Any statistics for that "like about 90%"? Or for "serious software"? You see, I have problem with people like you that spread FUD. So, Intellij IDEA, PyCharm, Apache, Nginx, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Core, WebStorm, Lightworks are not serious software, right? Again - I don't really care what you think or what stereotypes you spread here about GNU/Linux. You don't care about my opinion about macOS and Windows too, right? Lets get back to the point of the discussion - statistics from various sources. I provide you bunch of different statistics from different markets that say one important thing. GNU/Linux market is growing, GNU/Linux are very popular among professionals according to Stackoverflow and GNU/Linux users pay in average more than macOS and Windows users according to Humble Indie Bundle. Again, I am not here to arguing GNU/Linux is good or bad. I just would like to know what is Serif response in the context of data I have provided.
  4. I am talking about Stackoverflow stats now. JetBrains and their professional software have been successful in the GNU / Linux market, and I don't see why Affinity Photo and Designer would be the case. Both are targeted creative people. Every creative person is nerdy somehow. I don't want you to use GNU/Linux. I just want to buy Affinity Designer and use it on GNU/Linux in my work, thats all I've asked for. I try to convince Affinity devs team providing bunch of statistics - mainly from stackoverflow - that professionals are using GNU/Linux, including professionals that create web or mobile content. I don't see the point in convincing regular people to use GNU/Linux and I can't see the point if someone saying that their software can't be provided to GNU/Linux because a lot of regular people don't use GNU/Linux. Affinity Photo and Designer, as well as Jetbrains software and others professional applications are not targeted regular users but professionals. In other words - I don't care if you know how to install GNU/Linux printer drivers or not. PS What do you mean by "internet design software"? And "green screen software"?
  5. Check data range. Sometimes netmarketshare set by default previous months or even years. I don't see the convergence between the stores that offer laptops with Linux, and companies that offer the software for Linux. Everyone can install Linux on their laptops if they want to and professionals in the most cases want to. Wrong - there is only one system and is called GNU/Linux. GNU/Linux supports a large number of graphical libraries, in the most cases companies that decided to provide their software for GNU/Linux use GTK+. GTK+ is cross-platform library that support light and dark modes. It will work well on Ubuntu, Mint, KDE Neon, Pop!_OS and any other GNU/Linux distribution. If you talking about distributing the software you can use cross-distributions utils like AppImage or Flat packages. Affinity sell their software for Windows through the web service. I can't see any problems to do the same in case of GNU/Linux version. But, if Affinity would like to sell Photo and Designer Linux versions through AppStore there is no problem too. We have three AppStores - GNOME Software, Elementary AppStore and KDE AppStore. Any of these can be installed on any GNU/Linux distribution but in my opinion it would be better to do this through the web and AppImage or Flatpak. AppImage is very similar to DMG. It contains all dependencies and it works on any GNU/Linux distribution. As everyone know, the developers of any kind have in the most cases very well paid jobs, and guess what - few screenshots with statistics from Stackoverflow survey 2017 as the attachments. You can find them ass well here: https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2017 If developers have money and there are ~33% developers that use Linux Desktop and many of them use Linux Desktop for Web Development and Mobile Apps that mean you get pay off your effort to provide your software to GNU/Linux. My English level is far from good but I believe you will understand my point. Calculations are very simple - professionals have money and many of them use GNU/Linux that is why we should provide GNU/Linux versions of our software. I work as Web Developer (Angular4, VueJS, Django, Laravel, NodeJS) in company that provides to the market the best NLU and ASR Artificial Intelligence. Everyone in our company use GNU/Linux for developing. I have tested few times Affinity for Windows (Gnome Boxes) and I would love to buy it but GNU/Linux version only. I can't even think about switching to Windows 10 because my whole development stack heavly depends on Docker and Docker for Windows have a lot of limitations. For example, Docker for Windows doesn't support inotify that is core feature of Docker that I use a lot in my work. Statistics for Humble Indie Bundle: http://cheesetalks.net/humble/ - again Linux users pay average more than Windows na macOS users. JetBrains provide their software for GNU/Linux and they admited on the blog post that a lot of their customers are GNU/Linux users.
  6. Can I ask why? You won't make version for Linux even despite the fact that linux popularity is higher than mac now?
  7. Linux is more popular on the desktop than macOS now - https://netmarketshare.com/ -> Desktop Trend (6.91%). NetMarketShare is a company which is sponsored by Microsoft, so I believe that their data is reliable enough. Taking statistics into account, what would be your response about Linux version of Affinity Photo and Designer?
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