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  1. Since I last posted I bought a replacement Epson scanner and am now about half way through my project having scanned just under 1400 photos. I've been unable to break my old habits though and have used PaintShoPro to do it
  2. Ah well..... every time I want to do something 'tout de suite' I use my very old but faithful PaintShopPro but since I bought Affinity Photo and Designer I'm trying to break the habit
  3. Hmm.. THIS post seems to indicate that you can or perhaps "Acquire" is some other software?? p.s. - I'm also looking to scan the odd negative/slide so I'm replacing the HP anyway.
  4. I've never had a problem using my HP until this evening when I decided to try scanning into Affinity. At first I thought I was going round the twist but then found out that twain drivers are not supported. I don't want to blunder into spending money only to find out that there are other restrictions. Is it the case that any popular scanner will work? I was thinking about the EPSON V370 Perfection as a possibility. " scanner manufacturers (Canon, Epson ...) here " - is that here as in the forum somewhere?
  5. I'm thinking about replacing my old HP AIO with a standalone scanner. Is there anything I should be aware of apart from the fact that twain drivers aren't supported? I'd like to cut out having to scan to another app first. Any recommendations/observations?
  6. Hmm.. No I don't normally use IE for web browsing, FF is my default but I do use IE (web active plugin) in my startup folder to display my security cameras. I want to retain that as it works perfectly. I take it then that it's not possible to use the help file other than with IE?
  7. I bought Designer and Photo recently and am working my way through the Vimeo Tutorials which are excellent. At the moment nothing is sticking and I'm going to have to re-visit but I'm sure I'll get there in the end. Once I have watched a couple of tutorials I have a go at what I've just seen but I still need help I find. The problem is that the help file doesn't work. I get an index page but non of the links work and neither does the search. Is this perhaps a browser/antivirus/malware protection issue? In the screenshot you can see that I've clicked several topics but nothing more has bee
  8. " Just bye the bye, what does the xml playlist Info.plist do exacty? " Found the answer to that I think - help file localisation.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Now that you say that I think I know where the problem may lie. I use I.E. to display a live view on my security camera via a plugin. It runs on my system at startup with the camera as home page and is all set-up for that. It works so well that I'm not going to disturb it . I'll try the online help thanks. Just bye the bye, what does the xml playlist Info.plist do exacty? p.s. Is it just me, perhaps I left my brain behind when I got up this morning. I can't see how to search in the online help e.g. I want to read up on "masks".
  10. As a total newbie with Affinity Designer I'm very reliant on the help files. No doubt it's something to do with my system but if I open help from within Affinity it appears to invoke Internet Explorer and there is no formatting whatsoever in the page. The search option is there but doesn't work at all. If I open index.html with Firefox then it displays fine but there is no search at all (except for the natiuve FF which searches the internet). I've taken screenshots of the same page loaded when opened directly from Affinity and also opened in Firefox. Any ideas please?
  11. Hello, I just purchased Affinity Designer. I had a full suite of Serif software some years ago and have several dpp files that I would like to access (I'm not sure what they are but I'm curious). My copy of DrawPlus 5 (yes I know it's old) will not install on Win10. Are you aware of any other methods of copnverting/importing them into Affinity?
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