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  1. Seconding this please! HSV is very important for digital painting. I hope you'll consider adding this feature!
  2. So if my whole document is already fully rasterized, that option does not really matter right?
  3. I want to ask about the PSD export dialog. Why is there a "Resample" option? Is the export lossy? Is there anyway to prevent it?
  4. I see, oh well I made this AutoHotKey script, as an temporary alternative, if anyone wants to SetTitleMatchMode, 2 SetTitleMatchMode, Slow #IfWinActive, Affinity ;Increases Brush Size s:: send,] return ;Decreases Brush Size a:: send,[ return Change 's' and 'a' to the shortcut key you would like to use for each respective function
  5. There's an old bug where if you Flip Horizontal, then go to Liquify Persona, things don't behave the way it's supposed to. It's been reported almost a year ago, but it has not been fixed yet as of now. Will this bug ever be fixed?
  6. Is there a way to change the brush size shortcut from [ and ] in Liquify Persona? Any help will be appreciated!
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