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  1. My problem is solved with a restart of my Mac. Have had a few hiccups after updating to Catalina.
  2. I have tried several times to update bother Affinity Designer and Affinity photo from the App store as the updates are sitting there waiting for me. I click update and after a while nothing happens and it goes back to saying 2 Updates available. I am using a Mac and have Catalina installed. 10.15.3 I can get the Publisher update as I bought it through your website, but the other 2 I purchased through the app store so the download is not available on my account page. Thanks
  3. Ok thanks. Sorry for taking up your time on a wild goose chase, I appreciate your help. :-)
  4. Ok I'll try zipped. I am having a strong feeling that the client has a designer that doesn't have Illustrator and they are broken - so probably just close this. Archive.zip
  5. Hi - this topic was kind of covered in this post but that was a few months ago and I am wondering if it is still being addressed. I have some .ai files that have this greyscale profile automatically applied and no cure - both in AD and AP. Going through a sample of my own files that I have I note that most .ai files have no problem at all. Certainly all that were created by me in Illustrator. However some client files have this issue which is a bit of a nuisance. I'm not sure if any fixes or workarounds have been put forward - and I cannot find mention of this in the bugs section. (After doing a bit of searching.) I am attaching the 3 problematic files from today. Thanks lips.ai smooch final 2.ai smooch final.ai
  6. Here's a silly suggestion. Convert the clients to using Affinity. It's not a huge capital outlay and there is no subscription...
  7. Hi there - I have just received the Photo Workbook in the post and am working my through. I am a very experienced Photoshop user but wanted to make sure my workflow took advantage of all Affinity Photo has to offer. I am loving it. The files are downloadable so you can work at your own pace, and the teaching is arranged in such a way that nothing gets missed. I have discovered a couple of extraordinary features that I didn't know existed (the selection refinement on hair for example - mind blown!) and the HDR and stacking which does act differently from PS. I need to get up to speed quickly as I have dumped Adobe and far from being a waste of time, these exercises are really helping. I tend to learn by doing, and watching a video is all very well and good but it does go in one brain cell and out the other. So I'm a YES to the books.
  8. Hi all I am a small Website builder, photographer and writer from New Zealand. I have only just come into the fold. So impressed. I have the Photo and Designer products for both my Mac and Windows laptop and Photo for my iPad. Ordered both books and so far the Photo Workbook has arrived. am eagerly awaiting the Designer workbook. Love the book so far and am doing the exercises as I still have deeply ingrained Adobe workflow habits. But rapidly getting up to speed. Funny story, I ditched Adobe expunging it from my hardwares...this was a couple of weeks ago...then remembered I was half way through a CD cover in IdDesign. Oops. HOWEVER - I did the job in Designer and the printer had no nitpicks with me so that was a win, even though I started from scratch again. Just wanted to say a big thank you, an enormous thank you..you know what you've done!
  9. I’d like to buy both books to mitigate high cost of shipping (I live in New Zealand) but the cart doest seem to let me do that. How about a christmas special buy both books and get a discount?
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