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  1. OR... rather than take away the panning and zooming with scrolling, just make command-scroll up/down change the radius of the brush, and shift-command-scroll up/dn change the softness. No preference needed, and doesn't take away pan/zoom for those already use to that functionality.
  2. I would LOVE to have a preference that would allow me to change the size of the brush using the scrolling of the mouse (rather than have it change the pan). Scrolling up and down would change the radius of the brush, and the same with an option key would change the hardness/softness of the brush. The brush radius is similar to what Aperture has, but Aperture doesn't have an option-scroll for changing the hardness. This is so much faster and smoother than using the keyboard it's ridiculous! After getting used to it in Aperture I hate using Photoshop - changing brush size interrupts the flow of painting.