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  1. Hello, The problem is fairly straight forward, I have several bars of words that have an increase in size and width as they go along. I cant seem to easily recreate this in either AD or AP. the results I can get on my own are painstakingly slow. If anybody knows a way to do this to text by the whole (see picture below), it would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. My man, thank you PixelPost! For your question, no I did not, lol. I tried google-ing it, and youtube searches using keyword 'Affinity Designer' in it... It seems I may have to add on AP to get the results I need. I appreciate it dude! Edit: Just went and got Affinity Photo. Thanks again
  3. Hello, Working in graphic design, creating mockups for clients is a critical part of the business process. I have seen on youtube tutorials that those who use photoshop can insert vector images, but those images react to the underlying raster image. I believe the term is displacement. Looking closely at the image below, you can notice that the white goes dark toward the center, and its reacting to the background image making it more photo-realistic. I've been messing around with it for a while now and I can't seem to figure it out. Does anybody know? Thanks
  4. This worked perfectly! Much appreciated Gear Maker. Learning something new everyday..
  5. Hey there, sorry I wasn't clear about it in my initial post. I just edited the wording, to clarify, because I did do what you suggested initially, and that gave me the problem I still have.
  6. Hello good people of Affinity, My problem is trying to get the nodes (curves) to connect into a solid shape. The four highlighted curves on the right side of the image, are supposed to roughly create a star/sun shape. When I hit the add bar at the far left, what I end up with is the image underneath, which gives this diamond line shape over everything. Is this something other people experience as well? I have no idea how to get around the issue. Any help is much appreciated.
  7. Hey there jasonruzicka, I understand your frustration here. Totally agree, It's a little bothersome putting work into something that will change without your knowledge, but I wouldn't be quick to entirely give up on Affinity Designer. For me, AD is definitely a godsend for people in the industry who refuse to pay thousands for essentially the same software. This might sound like I work for them, or they're paying me for a positive comment, lol. Just a happy camper here, since unsubscribing from Ai. I really respect what the team at Affinity are doing here. They have every reason to charge WAY more than $50, but they don't, so they're all cool af in my book. Hang in there my man, they will listen to your problems here, and will roll out the updates in the future. Cheers !
  8. Thank you firstdefence, Is there something I'm doing that's creating this issue? I appreciate the help !
  9. Thank you stokerg, Just sent the attachment over, so hopefully we can figure this out. Your help is much appreciated, cheers!
  10. Greetings Affinity people! I have a quick question that hopefully, someone has an answer for. So Below is a sample of artwork I had originally created for my company. The layout is roughly the way its supposed to be. No problem. But when I saved the file as an Affinity File, or PDF, opening the same file made everything appear as this. Specifically, the text does not keep within the same ratio as the rest of it. It resizes and changes for some reason. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I am at a complete loss. Thanks yall!
  11. I appreciate it. I'm not familiar with this process, and this has been a great help. If any of you veterans could do (or refer) some Youtube tutorials on this topic in depth, that would be awesome, as I've had no such luck finding any. Cheers!
  12. Is there any way to use the pixel persona brush to erase from an image? Ex; If I made a flag, created and grouped the shapes, and then rasterize; Is there any way to use a brush/spray to erase texture? I guess the opposite of adding pixels, just deleting them for a custom texture look. I'm just looking for different ways to accomplish the same thing I suppose.. I appreciate the help here! All of this is really useful info.
  13. Wow. This is awesome. Would you mind sharing a brief explanation on how you achieved this?
  14. Yes! So sorry about that DWright. I'm currently operating on Affinity Designer 1.5.5 on Mac. Ultimately I'm unsure on whether the draw, or pixel persona is what I need.. Thanks again.
  15. Hello all, Im trying to achieve a distressed look on an American flag for a client, which is proving to be troublesome for me. I have an SVG file of the American flag, redid the color scheme per client request, and I am having trouble editing/erasing/distressing the texture on the flag. The WIP is attached, but is ultimately unable to achieve what is needed. The second attachment is what the client is specifically looking for. So basically, I need a vector flag with distress on the image (to simulate wear & tear), and retain a transparent background in between the lines, if that makes any sense. Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks American Flag Distressed.pdf

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