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  1. InDesign 1.5 didn't convert all the Quark-docs correct either. You always had to have an eye whether it converted the doc correctly or not. But at least you had a base to start from. Luckily I don't have a lot of changes on old docs, mostly are new anyway, but sometimes it would be helpful (and more cost-effective) to build from an old doc rather than building from scratch.
  2. Hi, this is Henning from Germany. I'm a full-time media designer with a little agency I as a side job . So far, the AD and AP look good to me, some learning required though… I've been working with programs from Adobe for 17 years now (photoshop even longer), but I'm still capable of learning new ways to get a job done Now I'm waiting for Affinity Publisher and I might switch completely.
  3. Back when InDesign 1.5 startet, I was working in the graphic-dep. of a local printing company. Quark was "state-of-the-art" and all jobs where done in Quark (or Publisher). Adobe was able to open Quark 4.0 and below documents, as well as Publisher. That was done by reverse engineering (as far as I can remember). If that wouldn't have worked, I doubt that Adobe would have had such a success with InDesign. Publisher was obsolete back than already, but after some months of testing, the whole company switched from Quark to InDesign. So right now I'm desperatly waiting for news on Affinity Publisher and a beta to test…
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