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  1. Richard Kirton


    I would welcome the addition of Spreadsheet functionality and am confident that it will be made available in the final release.
  2. Thank you Adam Another update is always very welcome. I look forward to the official release of Publisher. Regards Richard Kirton
  3. Richard Kirton

    Anchoring Photos to Text

    Thank you for your reply. I thought that I might have missed something.
  4. I am really pleased with the program so far. Does anybody know if it is possible to anchor pictures to text to aid with synchronization when adding or deleting lines of text elsewhere in the document. Thank you.
  5. Richard Kirton

    Thank you, Affinity!

    I am very impressed with the look and feel of Affinity Publisher and will transfer one of my PagePlus Projects into Affinity Publisher format as a basis for learning the new interface. My hearty thanks to the entire Affinity team involved in this Beta release. The product looks awesome and very professional.

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