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  1. AFD file attached and what I think are the font files which seem to reside in an old version of QuarkXPress 6.1 The AFD application shows the type face as 'Regular'. The fonts shown in a search on my computer come up as 'Roman', regular can't be found. Wondering if the issue is because quite a number of the fonts are in the Quark application folder titled 'jaws' then a folder titled 'ttfont'- It seems to be Postscripts that are hit and miss on being exported. Some just don't show any relevant characters. The Franklin Gothic just replaces the '£' character! Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks FranklinGothicBT-Roman.ps FranklinGothicBT,Roman.ps FranklinGothicBTRoman.ps A5 Photographic Event leaflet.afdesign
  2. Any ideas why my fonts change to an odd assortment of characters when exporting a file to PDF for print? This test is shown on a selection of fonts from A to C from my fonts on iMac when using Affinity Designer. The other pdf is exported as the flattened option that shows the correct fonts. If I am going to send a file to a printer with bleed and crop marks then I need to use the Export to Print option. This really worries me as every character will need to be checked. Export flattened.pdf Export to print.pdf
  3. Just being able to extract images and text from an old ind. file and then to recreate a new document in a Serif Publisher environment is good for me. I am certainly not expecting a like for like doc to magically be available ,that is a wish too far. It is rare to go back to older work and not have to reformat it in some way. Certainly in the days I migrated from Quark to InDesign it wasn't too time consuming to amend my work in the new software at that time. My main wish is for Affinity Publisher to be available early 2018 and break away from expensive Adobe products. The Adobe model is for those in big industries and forgets about those of us who are either on lower income streams or retired and still need to produce artwork for fun or even charitable projects.
  4. Being one of those designers who works individually I am really cheesed of (I would like to use a stronger in my comment!) with Adobe pricing policy and therefore looking for alternatives to their products. Looking forward to Affinity Publisher being launched in the future, sounds as though it could tick all the boxes. Will it allow the opening of InDesign files without an additional plugin? Will it recognise Adobe eps files too? Hopefully if it does, then being able to interface with my past work files will be the killer for Adobe bandits.
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