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    Fetch file changes from the iCloud

    I don't think this is is the case in current version. I was waiting for ages and I am sure that version re-saved on desktop has been fully updated to iCloud Drive. It didn;t want to update the version on iPad at all. The only solution was to re-import the file again. Sync / upload / fetch would be very helpful.
  2. pawelgrzybek

    im still on Version 1.6.5 but how??

    Played this game on my girlfriends iPad yesterday. iOS update first, then Affinity Photo
  3. Hi. I am super excited about the 1.6.7 update that brought better iCloud integration. I have few issues / questions. Is it possible to save file directly to Affinity Photo folder on iCloud — seems to be grayed out to me whenever I try. How to fetch a changes to the file on iPad? Lets say that I create a file on iPad. Save it to the iCloud drive. Do some changes on this file on a desktop. I would like to coma back to this file and continue working on that. It doesn't do any update in a background although the update file is waiting in a cloud fully downloaded. There is such a thing as "fetch file" od "update file" or "sync file". The only way it to close import this document again from iCloud to AP and we are ending up with a duplicated file. Am I doing something wrong? Are these know bugs? I have a solution / suggestion for issue no 2. Currently these is no clear differentiation between files kept locally on the iPad and files mapped to files on iCloud drive. My suggestion would be ti introduce to the apps UI iconography that show three things (presented on an attached prototype). File is mapped to the iCloud (and versions match). File is mapped to the iCloud and is ready to update iCloud version. File is mapped to the iCloud and is ready to fetch changes from iCloud version. Thanks in advance for help.
  4. pawelgrzybek

    iCloud Drive Issue

    Hi @sflomenb The latest version of Affinity Photo for iPad brought a feature that you are asking for in your second question. Thanks
  5. Hi guys. Came accros a bug when I try to proportionally scale an element down via transform studio. I recorded a 11sec video to better illustrate an issue. Is it any known bug? Thanks scale with lock.mp4
  6. pawelgrzybek

    Shape with dotted / dashed line

    Thanks! Good news is a Designer for iPad. Any approx release date? Thanks @MEB
  7. Hi guys. I create a shape by Pen tool. Is there a way to make a dotted /dashed line around it? Thanks