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  1. I can't find the "Flatten Image" command. There is "Merge Down", but it's greyed out when the background layer is selected. If i select the topmost layer, "Merge Down" only merges the topmost 2 layers. If i use "Merge Visible" it stamps all visible layers to a new layer, but it doesn't flatten down the image. I'm at a loss here. Please help me find the command.
  2. Well. Wow. So close and yet so far. But seriously, i searched in the Layer menu, and couldn't find it. Document makes sense as well. Thank you!
  3. I'm fine tuning a design, and the blue selection box is constantly in the way, so i can't see the fine details of what i'm editing. After each small change i have to deselect, observe my change, then select again and change some more. Then i have to deselect again, and rinse and repeat. This is turning my work into a grinding torture. :-( In Photoshop i'm used to hit CTRL+H, which hides every helper there is, and nothing is in the way any more. How can i hide this in A.Photo?
  4. That would not work, as i'm losing the context bar fields that i need to access. This is the solution! I tried it out, and i don't even need to hold the space bar, while i make the adjustments. The latter could be a bug, but i think i like the way it behaves. Thanks for the help, guys. Problem solved, i think.
  5. Yes, but i need to do CTRL+1 20-30 times in a 5 minute session, it's slowing down my workflow tremendously. I wonder if it's a bug?
  6. I'm ready to leave Photoshop behind and jump into Affinity. But i have one single plug-in that i'm doing all my finishing work in, and where all my custom presets are. It's Alien Skin's Exposure (X4 is the current version). I wanted to ask if there are any compatibility problems with this plug-in in Affinity Photo, because it's used constantly here with Photoshop, and i can't live without it.
  7. Your help is appreciated, but i don't use Apple products. Does Serif not have their own plug-in compatibility list? IMO, there should be a dedicated topic with up-to-date info, so interested customers could find out what works, efficiently. So, it seems nothing's changed yet. I guess i'll look around next year and see if the situation has gotten better. Meanwhile i'm back to PS CS6. P.S. This is what Alien Skin replied to me regarding this problem:
  8. I just tried it myself with the trial. Exposure X4 can be opened in Affinity Photo, but when i want to apply a filter preset, Photo crashes to desktop. This is very disappointing to me. I've waited for a year for better plug-in support, but in vain... Is there anything that can be done? Some compatibility setting perhaps?
  9. I've been waiting for the last 5 years for an alternative to Photoshop CS6 - the last software that i still use from that greedy monopolist. Finally Affinity Photo seems to look like it can completely replace CS6 for me. I have not tried the trial yet, because i'm working on different projects and don't have continuous free time at hand - unfortunately it seems the trial runs only for 10 days. So that'll have to wait. I have a few questions about features that are really important to me: 1) Does my bread-and-butter plugin Alien Skin Exposure 7 work? I read that version X does not run, but i'm using version 7 which don't have all the RAW features and is simpler. 2) Does Affinity Photo have a professional quality PDF Export, for sending files to a printing service? (PDF/X-4:2008, output intent profile, etc) 3) How does Affinity Photo handle very large image files? For example high megapixel, ton of nested layers, filesize between 1 and 2GB. 4) Can Affinity Photo save files in the background while the user keeps working on the file? 5) Can i have two images shown side by side and lock them, so they move together with the hand tool? (for comparison purposes)
  10. Thanks for the information. Affinity Photo has some great features that are even better than Photoshop, and i'm looking forward to try it out and working with it. Incompatibility with AS Exposure is the deal-breaker for me though. I'm sure it will work eventually, maybe in version 2. I'll be back for sure!

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