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  1. Can’t help but to add my two cents on the subject. I do not know an Art Director or a Visual Designer in the world that wouldn't use live trace in Adobe Illustrator daily. I used it all the time before we decided in the company to try to use other tools instead of Adobe. It helps with numbers of things when doing late night pitches or when you're looking for a certain company logo and there's only a low res pic out there. Especially when you have to be fast. Or when doing handwritten lettering and need it to be scalable and transformable quickly. I also do not know an illustrator who would use live trace option to get their black/white illustrations to vectors quickly and be able to. There's a lot of tools out there lately. Sketch from Bohemian Coding is my first choice for interface design and vector design for the screen, but for drawing icons and precise vectors it’s not intuitive and keeps acting strange. I think that vector manipulation, especially live trace option would shoot you way ahead of the competition. I bought Affinity, but I am not using it as much as I would if it actually had this feature. For the pixel stuff I just use Sketch, Pixelmator or Mischief. Some tools that have the Live trace feature including iVinci, Manga Studio or Vector Magic usually don’t have the option to effectively edit or manipulate the traced image/illustration, or they simply can’t handle the size of the file if the detail level is high. Illustrator’s live trace is sadly still the best option here - you can choose to keep black and white shapes, and then edit them quickly with the Direct Selection Tool (A), or do it on a higher level with Select > Same > Fill (or Fill+Stroke) which makes the process incredibly simple and fast. So yes, a definite +1 from me as well. And I’m really excited about the persona promise.
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