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  1. Thanks so much for your link and help, very useful. Indeed when using iOS10, no issues. I’ll give DB sometime to begin supporting iOS11.
  2. Hi Partiesbycindy, Thanks so much for your reply, indeed your link was informative and helpful.
  3. Same here, be it from DropBox or pCloud, nothing. Same for Polarr, now I am able to reverse the download by going to Dropbox and sending it to Affinity, however, by trying to get Affinity to download a file, forget it. There has to be a conflict with iOS11.
  4. Perhaps, some kind soul might be able to help. I have been uploading much up my work to 2 cloud services, Dropbox and pCloud. This afternoon I attempted to download several photos RAW and Jpg, only to see them download into the ether, never showing up on Affinty. What few images that I have on iCloud, no issues, but these two other sites don’t seem to plat well with Affinity. Am I missing something or screwing something up? Any help would be most appreciated.