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  1. Hi! Thank you. Here is what happened when I used this information. I have something set weird?
  2. Hi! Thanks everyone for being awesome. In the photo you can see the tutorial is teaching how to use the pen tool to remove a background. In the video the pen tool selection path is rounded. Trying to follow along, my selection path is a straight line. So as I select my points, I get straight lines from one point to the other, not curved as in the video. How is this done?
  3. Hi! Help me understand here. I have used the magnetic selector version of freehand selector tool to remove the background of an image. Ok. Success, right? But I want to understand what is going on here. So I used the tool again to select a part of an image as in provided pic. Doing the same process (use selector tool then invert pixels, didn't give me the same result. In fact, it gave me no result at all. WHY???
  4. Have opened image. It's a pixel image. Nothin I do including freehand tool, and crop has the desired effect. My understanding is if it's a pixel image, then you should be able to select with freehand tool, then use command V or X to get rid of what wasn't selected. This is probably the most un-intuitive app I've ever touched. Please help me with simple specific directions, as I don't seem to get it. Thank you again.
  5. and from Youtube, I stumbled around till I found out what I needed to do. This is not an intuitive program. Gravit seems to do as much or more, and is free.
  6. HI! This didn't work at all. I opened a screenshot using image placer tool then I used the freehand marquee tool to select some piece of the picture. Now there was the typical rotating lines where I used the tool. I then clicked new layer, and then tried new pixel layer Then I did the rasterize thing. This did nothing. what is going wrong?
  7. Hey guys! CAN you open a .png select a part of it, then copy and paste it? Im used to using pixelmator, and Designer is supposed to be super amazing, I just don't get it perhaps...help out, what can this thing do when it comes to copying images from pics, and then making them setting them onto transparent backgrounds so I can quickly make new t-shirt designs. Thanks so much.
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