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  1. No probs, here's the screenshot. If you need any other info, just let me know. Will let you know if the crash happens again. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Dan, will do, do you need a copy of the screenshot?
  3. Hi again Dan. Sorry for slow response, attaching the crash reports for you to see. Many thanks again. Affinity Photo_2020-07-20-082455_Francess-iMac.crashAffinity Photo_2020-07-20-083032_Francess-iMac.crashAffinity Photo_2020-07-20-083832_Francess-iMac.crash
  4. Thanks so much Dan, that makes sense, I will do as you suggest and see if that solves the issue. This morning the app has quit unexpectedly in the middle of an edit (of a jpg on the USB drive) 3 times, each time bringing up the 'AP quit unexpectedly, send a report to Apple' dialogue box. Do you know if this could be related to the same issue, or is this something else? Thanks again Dan. 😀
  5. Hi, just an addition to yesterday's post. This morning, AP has frozen in the middle of working, immediately after exporting a jpg that had been resized. Nothing is active, and the program can't be quit via cmd + Q or via ctrl + Quit on the Dock. Only way to shut it down is via Force Quit, even though it isn't showing as 'not responding'. Am running Catalina 10.15.5 on a 2019 iMac 27". AP is 1.8.3. Am editing photos to and from a USB memory stick connected via an adaptor to the USB-C port. Only Mail, Firefox and Word 365 are open at the same time. Does anyone have an idea what is happening and how to fix? Thanks!!
  6. Hi all, I'm having a similar issue with AP on an iMac running Catalina. When the app is left open with files loaded for a while and the computer goes to sleep, when it wakes up again nothing is clickable, the files are all still there but nothing is active. It doesn't show up as 'not responding' in the Force Quit dialogue box. I can move the window around the desktop, but it can't be resized or minimised and nothing is active. Can anyone suggest a fix for this? Thanks!
  7. Would also love this option, is there any possibility of it in a future update?
  8. Just to add, exporting to eps svg or pdf produces the same result. Exporting to jpeg png tiff maintains the transparency, but the image is rasterized. Thanks again.
  9. Hi MEB, thanks Trying to export to eps svg or pdf, any format that doesn't rasterize!
  10. Hello, Have created an image in afdesign which has a vector gradient. The image looks as needed on screen but when I export it, the transparency is lost, unless I rasterize the whole image, but I need the whole image to be vectorised for free resizing up and down. The strokes were created with an Affinity Designer brush in Designer persona. The brush was set to vary size and opacity based on pressure via a simple stylus and graphics tablet. The strokes were then grouped and a gradient added to the whole group via the Fill tool. All the strokes are set to 100% Opacity in the layers panel, the transparency is only in the brush variations. I've looked online and on the forum but haven't findany clue as to what the problem is and/or how to fix it! Attached are a screenshot showing the transparency in the .adfesign file and another showing the exported file that shows how the transparency has vanished.The file was originally created in an earlier version of Designer, pre-1.7, on a Mac. Hopefully just missing something obvious, can anyone help?! Thanks for any clues.
  11. Just noticed this bit of your earlier reply. I've saved the testfile.svg as an eps (in Inkscape) and tried to open it in Designer and it opened fine. Then tried to open an eps that crashed it earlier, also created in Inkscape, and the program crashed again. Both files were created and saved in the same way. Attaching a screenshot of the eps save settings from Inkscape. An upload link would be great, thanks again. Am on an iMac, running 10.10.5 (Yosemite).
  12. Thanks. It'll be a bit slow and fiddly, but at least it can be done! Are there plans to make this any quicker, or is just an issue with svg files in designer that has to be lived with? Thanks again.
  13. Hi MEB, Thanks for your reply and welcome Attaching an svg file that is doing what I describe. Here's what happens when I open the svg file in Designer: I select all 3 text objects with the Move tool Then select the Text tool Go to change the font/size via the toolbar or Character panel The A changes but the B and C remain the same. In case it's related, Designer is crashing every time I try and open an eps file. Thanks for the info about the ai files thing, makes sense, good to know. Thanks for your help. testfile.svg
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