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  1. I'm having this same problem. I try opening Beta 1.5.2 (Beta 5) and get a dialog that states that a purchased copy of AP is needed to open the beta. Well, I am an owner of AP. I also trashed and downloaded the beta again, but still get the same dialog. I don't have a TM backup of my apps. Any other suggestions?

  2. My search on this question failed to turn up an answer, but is it possible to print the entire AP Help file? When the help file is open, I can print only the page I happen to be viewing (but not, strangely, the entire page if it's a long one), but not the entire document. Anyone know of a way to print or download the entire Help document? (A pdf download would be nice.) Thanks.


    You can use Calibre to create a PDF version of the help, but it will require you to experiment with the settings to get the best results. I've had good results converting the help to an EPUB file and using iBooks to read it. Try this:

    • Go to Applications
    • Right click Affinity Photo and click Show Package Contents
    • Go to Contents > Resources and right click AffinityPhoto.help and click Show Package Contents
    • Go to Contents > Resources and copy de.lproj & shared to your desktop
    • Open Calibre and drag index.html from the de.lproj folder into Calibre - this will add Affinity Photo Help: Get Started to the list of books
    • Right click Affinity Photo Help: Get Started and select Convert Books > Convert Individually
    • Make sure PDF is selected from the Output format drop down
    • Make any changes needs in the other sections and click OK


    Thank you kindly, Leigh, for posting these instructions. They worked very well for me and now I'm a happy camper with my easy-to-read AP Help files! Best regards.


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