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  1. Just upgraded to 1.8 today. Looks great! but I'm getting an error sound when hitting undo and its not working. History panel shows no change...Not sure if I'm missing something. I'm on latest macOS.
  2. Success! Sorry for being a noob here. I just updated to AFD 1.5 and AFP 1.5 Beta today. The TIFF workflow functions beautifully now! I can integrate this into my 3D design workflows and happy to not use .psd. Thanks Affinity team for listening to your artists.
  3. .psd export to replace the original file works fine when I have one or two files. Once I have dozens of .psd's buried in folders it becomes a big hassle to make quick edits and find and replace each one. I typically work on big projects with other artist and naming conventions can get muddled this way too. (We would love to replace our current editor ;) ) Tiffs are great too. I tried the .tiff option. The problem is AFP flattened the layers which makes future edits difficult.
  4. Thanks for the reply, It would be really nice to have a preferences option to be able to save as .psd. It could really help integrate power users into bigger 3D texturing workflows and open a lot of doors to pro artists. It would definitely be worth considering for your team. Keep up the great work. www.gabrielsmetzer.com
  5. Im loving Affinity, great job. I am however trying to integrate it into a larger workflow using Cinema4D and Unity3D. Its great that I can open up a .psd into affinity but I want to be able to save as a .psd each time without having to export and save a separate file. I deal with hundreds of files like this and it is very slow and much more complicated to export separate .psd's. Unfortunately there is no support for Affinity in 3D apps and doesn't look there will (or ever will be). This could be solved if files could simple be saved .psd. Is there any way of saving .ps
  6. Yes! Linked files are the one barrier thats keeping me from abandoning PS. I render in 3D and then link my files to do final color tweaks, cleanups etc. That way I can keep updating the 3D render and it automatically updates in Affinity photo(someday). This is a very common workflow for professionals in 3D. I love Affinity photo so far! keep up the great work.
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