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    keiichi77 reacted to mlsgvrc in Ability to disable zoom snapping please!   
    +1 please add a setting to disable it!
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    keiichi77 reacted to izkasi in Ability to disable zoom snapping please!   
    I totally second this.
    Just working a few projects in trial mode. Really impressed by the price/performance ratio though.
    But this "feature" is annoying as hell, I initially thought it was bad performance as well.
    I zoom in and out all the time and this gives me headache.
    Is there a chance for getting this as an optional setting?
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    keiichi77 reacted to michael001 in Ability to disable zoom snapping please!   
    Please provide a way to disable this zoom snapping capability. 
    It's extremely counter-intuitive when I start smooth zooming but nothing actually happens because the zoom is snapped to 100%. Not until I move the mouse a significant distance does the zoom tool actually start to work. Every time I do it, it feels like I'm doing something wrong. The application should respond to what I want to do, not block my actions based on a pre-conceived notion of what's "correct".
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    keiichi77 got a reaction from AHAM in Adding to selection   
    Please, try it with a wacom pen!!!

    Try dragging the pen and clicking side button too, and drawing with the pen, and release the side button while keeping the pen intact. it is totally nonsense, and anatomically wrong.
    and to top it, in the new version with windows ink, right clicking on the wacom pen  doesn't work at all !!!!

    It is not working at all!!

    Also it doesn't work to resize the brush with click+ right click !!!
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    keiichi77 reacted to bokchoi in Auto Select Layer   
    I'd like to add my voice to request being able to disable auto-selecting layers; it's particularly frustrating with small objects within groups, as mis-clicking causes you to deselect the current layer, and trying to simply re-click to select what you were working on causes you to select the entire group you were working on instead.
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    keiichi77 reacted to mpta3d in Auto Select Layer   
    No autoselect please!
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    keiichi77 reacted to DesignT in Resize artboard and scale child layers   
    Hi RCR,
    I am trying to resize all artboard contents (text and images) and I try both dragging on a selection handle and in the Transform Panel.
    The text was not resized only images.
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    keiichi77 reacted to RafaelRiva in UX / UI Improvements (Gradient / Splash Screen and Strokes)   
    On thing that I lke the most of using Affinity Designer is the Gradient Tool. 
    Is by far one of the most satisfying tool to use, However, I think one minor change on it's behavior could greatly improve the workflow of using the tool.
    The gradient tool don't suport the color picker tool. 
    That's very anoying when coloring, because some times I want to pick a color from a place and this reset the Gradient Tool. 

    Other minor changes would be related to the Splash Screen.
    Why not have a open Document here too? 
    And make the open Document or recent documents listed here, also having bigger buttons as well.

    Finally my last suggestion would be having a option to turn "Scale with object" default.

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    keiichi77 reacted to Pšenda in every time I move an object on a layer designer moves it to the top of layerstack   
    Object location is in Artboard?
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    keiichi77 reacted to MEB in every time I move an object on a layer designer moves it to the top of layerstack   
    Hi keiichi77,
    Any objects located/placed above an artboard on the canvas will be added to the artboard layer if you move them. This is by design. If you want to keep them outside the artboard layer but still located above the artboard on canvas disable Edit All Layers on the bottom left of the Layers panel. Note however that you only be able to select objects from the current selected layer (or from the root of the layers stack if you are working with objects placed directly on the root of the layers stack) when you disable this option (unless you select the objects from the Layers panel directly).
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    keiichi77 reacted to foto-grafic in eraser tool   
    Look at the previous image of @Butler To Cats
    Click on Pixel Persona to bring up the Eraser and Free Selection.
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    keiichi77 got a reaction from Jowday in Expand stroke does nothing   
    I've bought Tattoo Art Brushes by The Artifex Forge from Affinity store to create svg icons.
    There is no information about these brushes being pixel brushes. So when I created my icons,  I had to realize it, because I couldn't expand my drawings.

    The sad thing about this missleading product is that it is available for Illustrator too as real vector format.

    The description of the brushset in the Affinity store claims these are vector brushes.
    But not.

    I really don't know who needs pixel brushes in the vector persona. If I want to draw with pixel brushes, I change for the pixel persona.

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    keiichi77 reacted to Jowday in Expand stroke does nothing   
    It is not complaining. You are a paying customer and you are entitled to give Serif your honest feedback. Silence and no feedback is not progressive or helpful for anyone. Serif does value all customer feedback directed at Serif here. I know for sure. 🙂
    There are two or three methods to know the difference:
    The one you tried. Nothing happens after expand stroke. Draw a line with the brush in an empty document and select file -> export, choose SVG or PDF. If you see this label "(Some areas will be rasterized)"... boom. Bitmap.
    In a real complex drawing you will not be told WHAT will be rasterized... Chances are almost zero anyway that it is real vector, so ... 
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    keiichi77 reacted to Jowday in Expand stroke does nothing   
    I have bad news for you. Just a couple of the built in "vector brushes" are real vector brushes. The rest are... bitmap. In Affinity Designer a "vector" brush is a bitmap brush on a vector path. To add insult to injury the menu item is not ghosted/inactive when there is no vector brush to expand. So a misleading term (at best), a misleading active menu item and no feedback from the program when you select expand stroke.
    It is exactly how not to do it. And Serif did it exactly like that.
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    keiichi77 reacted to Alex A. in Vector brush names   
    Hi folks,
    I've been using Affinity Designer & Photo on PC for two years and both became main apps of my choice for graphic design, drawing illustrations and photo editing. I abandoned Adobe CC and didin't regret my decision! Thanks a lot for all your efforts – at Serif and on the forum – and keep my fingers crossed for a new version to come.
    There are really great tools in Designer but I found something that I'd love to find improved someday. When working with vector brushes in Draw Persona it's impossible to identify what brush is selected for a particular vector object. It's not highlighted in the Brushes Panel so finding the right one is a real problem, especially when working with 100+ of very similar looking brushes (eg. Grave Etcher by RetroSupply). I know it's easy to copy attributes from one object to another but I still can't figure out what brush name is selected. It would be great if one of the following is implemented:
    - show active brush highlighted in the Brushes Panel when particular vector object is selected or
    - show the active brush name in the Brush Properties window (it is actually present when you select particular brush in the Brushes Panel and start drawing – see attached picture A – but if you change object that has another vector brush and open the Brush Properties window (see picture B) the name is gone.
    Is anybody experiencig the same and perhaps you'd love to share how you deal with it?

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    keiichi77 got a reaction from ashf in affinity designer doesn't work with wacom tablet   
    thank you !!!!!!! 

    I didn't see this option is already there in the preferences/tools, my bad.
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    keiichi77 reacted to ashf in affinity designer doesn't work with wacom tablet   
    Try to enable Windows Ink in Wacom driver(Mapping), then disable Windows Ink in Affinity.
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    keiichi77 reacted to Sean P in Resetting rotation with touch pen   
    Hi ashf,

    This works with a mouse so I presume the user is using the pen rather than a mouse? It sounds like the Windows Ink issue that is stopping certain things from working (such as node insertion).
    If they turn off 'Use Windows Ink for tablet input' in Preferences > Tools it should work, but this will probably affect other things such as pressure input.
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    keiichi77 got a reaction from mlsgvrc in Ability to disable zoom snapping please!   
    is there a way to disable it? because it is annoying and skips  20% of zooming values.
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    keiichi77 reacted to thomaso in How to select layers on each artwork not all artboard   
    Actually I am not able to achieve the appearance of your screenshot. Instead ...
    – With "Select All", Cmd-A and/or with Move-Tool-dragging: I see the object selection for 1 (current) artboard only.
    – With selection of all layers within the Layers Panel: I see the selection rectangle around all artboard rectangles but not limited to heir containing objects only.
    So again I wonder if there is difference between macOS and Windows. Maybe a forums Windows user will shed more light ...
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    keiichi77 reacted to Fixx in affinity softwares don't know the opening location of the files   
    Tick "Enable Save over opened PSD files" in preferences and you can just simple save over the old version as long as you do not apply any Affinity's own nondestructive operations to that file.
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    keiichi77 reacted to km.au in Adding to selection   
    same here. Most 3d programs also adhere to the shift or ctrl to add and remove selections. 
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    keiichi77 reacted to danmerey in Adding to selection   
    Yeah, please think about Windows users. At least give us possibilty to swap Right Mouse Button and Shift behaviour or rebind it for Selection. Because I don't really use shift that much in Affinity, though Right Mouse Button for adding selection is super weird and unnatural. Also yeah, it's frustrating that I can't add selection with my Wacom.
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    keiichi77 reacted to travisrogers in Adding to selection   
    I'm surprised that this is still an issue. I've been a graphic designer for over 20 years and I had to research how to add to a selection in AP. Then I had to get my head around how that would actually work (clicking left, clicking right, dragging).. and then it took me several tries to actually get it to work as the first 4 tries it would cancel my existing selection in favor of the new selection instead of adding. Seems that the order you release the left and right mouse buttons has to be specific. I'm all for innovating and I've switched to AP as I believe that Serif is a much better company than Adobe, but some of the choices for interface interaction still baffle me.
    @MEB is a fix, or a user select-able modifier for this functionality at all in the works?
    Best / Travis
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