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  1. designer boolean tools can't be used intuitively. if I break elements I cannot reattach with boolean add, because this tool can't merge lines in the same place (lines on the border of previous substraction), so it behaves like this: the shapes will be combined, but not merged. this way it is a useless tool, it creates waste geometry only that I can't solve after the boolean action.
  2. designer's smooth curve action breaks the curve is this on purpose? v 1.6.4
  3. I don't know if it is a Wacom driver related issue, but using a Cintiq 13HD in Designer's pixel persona, the brush drops full-size dots accidentally. (as if Designer window loses focus time to time) Either in Windows ink mode or not. (tablet preferences). The ancient times it was an issue in Photoshop too.
  4. I change it with the slider, on the bottom of the image. This is a gif, so you can't see, that the rotation value flashes sometimes with the current numbers bc the low framerates. this happens when you select multiple points with node tool.
  5. The crop tool of the Designer works as a simple mask tool. It has nothing to do what most of the questions about. They mean canvas crop, something, what redefines the canvas size. The confusion escalates when Designer uses a universal icon (the crop tool) and connects a totally different function to it. The tool that is close to an average crop tool is the artboard tool.
  6. When I select vector points, then go to Transform pane and roll down R: rotation input box and change a rotation value, rotate selected vectors, and when I deselect the layers, the rotation undoes itself. it simply jumps back to the original state. Unfortunatelly there's no other way to transform selected parts only otherwise. .
  7. thank you, as you can see, the second version was made with substract. I though that it is bug, because if I drag the inner circle just a little bit outer of the larger one, the divide will work as expected.
  8. I don't really know if it is a bug or by design. If I draw a shape, and draw a second inner shape (smaller, and the first shape is larger on every side), select both, then apply a divide boolean, there won't be an outer cutted part, just the original shapes. There won't be cut anywhere. So for example, I can't make an outer ring if I use two circle and apply divide.
  9. brush rotation settting is totally off. it doesn't work as it has to. the art marker has slanted nib. it means, that at some rotation degree the nib will draw bold line, and in that position the perpendicular line will be hairline. if you hold the pen in that way, and you don't rotate THE PEN BARREL around its axis, just change the tilt, the pen has to work the same, it has to draw the same line. because the slanted pen won't change just because you tilt from another direction.
  10. Turning off brush preview only turns off the dynamic preview, but the large preview-cursor still remains. on a cintiq I don't even need cursor. I can't see what I am doing. ...and the fuzzy texture cursor moving on the canvas causes eye strain.
  11. changing colors works, but whenever I click on a node, and move it, designer jumps out of isolation. to be honest, designer's selection works somewhat differently than illustrator's, so it is not a real problem, I don't have to go down to isolation mode to edit shapes.
  12. If I am in isolation mode (alt click on layer) I can't edit shapes at all, so it is totally useless. At the very moment I click on a shape with the node tool, it exits isolation mode. Is it a bug?
  13. affinity photo color picker resets opacity settings after every attempt to pick up color from the layer affinity picks up 100% opacity it is very annoying, because for painting opacity setting is crucial. As to describe it precisely: it picks up layer transparency level: now here's the problem: I set the opacity value for the painting tool I use, not for the canvas. I change the covering capability of the paint pigment. it is the opacity setting. it not belongs to the canvas.
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