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  1. +1 Had to re-subscribe to Photoshop because I acquired a client who needed psd files with editable text. I'd jumped completely off the Adobe plan almost 3 years ago. Now, when I'm working on his projects I miss my Affinity workflow between Photo and Designer for adding Call-outs and other graphics to photos. Studio Link looks to improve this workflow even more ... and now, arrowheads ... Arrrgh! And then to add to my frustration I'm playing with Procreate and it's newly added text feature and see that it exports psd files with editable text (but, alas, it has no real vector tools or full feature photo editing but ... editable text ...yes). I love the 1.7 release, and look forward to using the Studio Link buttons and other features just rolled out on my work for most of my other clients. But please save me the subscription and pain of having to switch to working with Photoshop's rudimentary vector tools next year by making editable text available in psd exports as quickly as possible across all platforms.Yes, your pricing is such that after jumping off the Adobe subscription I could afford to put both of your apps on all three of my devices.
  2. I created a new document using Affinity Photo on my ipad and saved to my Dropbox. When I tried to open it on my iMac (Affinity Photo 1.5.2 and I also tried it in Affinity Design 1.5.5) I got an error message that it was created in a "newer version" and couldn't be opened.

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