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  1. Now that Publisher has come out, we are looking at putting the full Affinity suite throughout the office and remove the monthly payments on Adobe Products. One of the things to consider is the workflow I use as a renderer with Photoshop, which makes a difference in the speed I can pump out renderings (3D architectural vizualization). I currently render a scene with different elements. Then I import all elements (sometimes 10 of them) into one file. I create my base layer from the image that I render and convert this layer into a Smart Object. Then I use CameraRaw and tweak the rendering t
  2. There is one thing that would be kind of cool, I think we are talking the same. Have a style, make sure it can't be changed, and then provide the writer with a textbox that you can automatically import into the layout so that it automatically lays out your document based on a template? Thus, you can provide others with a text box that they can add or remove text from, but no one ever changes the layout, only the text?
  3. I noticed that I can't drop a PSD image. It would be great to be able to drop them, as I have a lot of these, and be able to turn on and off the layers like we can do it in InDesign.
  4. Same here, do not use it a lot but just created a short document that was fairly painless. Thanks!
  5. The beta being spoken of for next Summer, is it only for MAC or will it come out for Windows at the same time? In my office we currently using In-Design and PS and AI. We are counting the days we can switch over to Affinity Products, but right now all we can do is wait... All our machines are PCs bar one.
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