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  1. I found the same issue with the Zoom tool when opening a raw file. Space + Ctrl works fine. Space + Alt changes the magnifying glass icon to one with a - inside but does nothing when clicked. When Zoom Tool is selected, pressing Alt to zoom out works. Only the shortcut doesn't work.
  2. Similar thing happens when using Refine Selection. Space, normal View Tool, works normally. Space + Ctrl (zoom in) works most of the time, but sometimes starts refining instead of zooming in, as if I used the refine adjustment brush and not the View Tool even though the icon changed. Space + Alt (zoom out) doesn't work at all. The icon changes to a magnifying glass with a - inside but it just won't zoom out. It refines the selection instead. So once I zoom in I can't zoom out. All this makes it extremely difficult to cut out objects, with both Lasso and Selection Brush.
  3. While using a polygonal or magnetic lasso tool for detailed selection, the View Tool shortcut (space) doesn't work. If space is held, the image can be moved as normal but the selection (ants) will no longer be visible until space is released. Space + Ctrl doesn't work at all, i.e. zooming in and out while the selection is unfinished is impossible.
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