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    Hi, I am a new user of AP on the iPad and I have been experimenting with the smart selection and selection refinement tools, but when my selection is complete I cannot find how to Output the selection to a Mask. I have followed the video tutorials but I am obviously missing something, can anyone help me please? Many thanks Mark
  2. I am an Affinity for iPad newbie after using Photoplus for a number of years on a Windows desktop, and I have to say that affinity is amazing! I am truly impressed with the capabilities of this app! Anyway, I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with and it is this: When I rotate an image, either by using the View tool or using the Rotate tool in the Transform Studio and then close the image it does not save in the new format. For example, if I open an image that is landscape, and then rotate the image to portrait orientation (using view tool or the transform studio) when I close the image Affinity does not save the new orientation. What am I doing wrong?

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