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  1. Yes! I finally made it - I have bought Affinity Photo! It was my bank that recently introduced a new security step that one have to unlock before buying with Visa on internet.
  2. Thanks again! I sent a mail to affinityorders yesterday, and posted the same question here, hoping for a better/quicker chance to solve my problem.
  3. Thank you for your reply Bri-Toon! From Affinity Store for Windows: https://affinity.store/en-us/buy/photo/
  4. I now have tried twice to buy Affinity Photo with my VISA-card, but it only result in this message: "Your payment has been declined by your payment provider. Please change your payment method and try again." I now seen that others here have had the same problem with VISA-cards. Is'nt it possible to buy with VISA?
  5. Hallo! Is it possible to buy and download a version off Affinity Photo that I can install on a off-line computer? And also download future important up-dates to install on the off-line computer?

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