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  1. Thank you MEB, problem solved.
  2. I think I have the layer selected but I will look again.
  3. I would like to use the NIK plugin with files that have been formed by merging but, when I have tried this the NIK actions are greyed out. Is there anything I should do to get round this, please? latest AP on latest iMAC
  4. I have sorted out without your help so you can mark the question closed.
  5. I have just noticed the video HDR Preprocessing where several RAW images are converted into an HDR image, is this what you mean, MEB? If so could you please describe what I have to do to be able to load the Raw images, without them being developed, into the Photo Persona, please?
  6. Hi DWright, What I am trying to achieve is an image, for example a simple HDR image, which is in the format which can be processed in the develop persona. In Lightroom it is possible to use a number of images to form a simple HDR image which retains the extension DNG and which can be processed before being developed. I hope that this makes sense.
  7. I have studied the training videos and I understand how to go about merging images using AP on an iMac. My understanding is that the images to merge need to be either tif or jpeg. What I would like to do is to merge the images and then be able to work with the merged image in the develop persona without losing any of the original data. If I were to develop the RAW images without making any changes to them, export them as tif images, merge these images and then open the merged image in the develop persona, would this give me what I am trying to achieve? It seems a long way round and I know that it is much simpler in Lightroom but I have no intention of going that way.
  8. According to the AP help file Windows -> Separated Mode is a toggle which I take to mean that after using the separated Mode the mode will switch back to how it started when the tick is removed. This does not happen on IMac with the latest OS and the latest AP. Studio settings have to be reset to get back to the starting point. Is this normal?
  9. Thanks R C-R I do mean the Left Studio and Right Studio - I'll start again. On my screen there is an image and the left and right studios. In the Left Studio there are the titles of various macros and in the Right Studio there are various items such as histogram, colour, etc. Below are the layers of the image and towards the bottom there are more items such as navigator, history etc. A second image is loaded, Window -> Separated Mode released the two images which I could move around and, when I had finished the comparison I went Window -> Separated Mode was unticked and the two images were then closed. Neither the Left nor the Right Studio were there. If this is to be expected because of what I did how can it be avoided.
  10. Please, could someone answer my question?
  11. I tried this by loading two images then Window -> Separated Mode and had two images which I could move around as I wanted to do. To return to the status quo I went into Window and unticked Separated Mode and the left and right hand panels disappeared. Having closed the two images I went to View -> Studio and the items were no longer selected, all the ticks had gone. Is this what should happen or did I do something wrong?
  12. Thank you for your quick reply.
  13. How do I display two or more images side by side for comparison purposes, please? Latest version of AP and OS on iMac.
  14. I am feeling dumb this afternoon - once I have rasterised the layer does this prevent the layer being further processed, for example with a curves adjustment layer or a NIK plugin?
  15. MEB, thank you.