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  1. Yes, indeed, there are a great many of us who use VueScan to create high quality DNGs (with .xmp settings - at times, the result of hours of tweaking) AND would like to see an actual alternative to Photoshop. Just bought Affinity Photo today and was most disappointed when I saw how small my DNG HQ file was! ____________________________________________________________ I hope the Serif people understand there is a real demand for this. Anybody working like me on some kind of archive knows this...
  2. Alfred J.

    feather tool

    I will continue this question in the sense that as someone who use Adobe products, yes, I would like to find ways to "feather" selections and possibly "grow" etc... Thank you!
  3. Alfred J.

    Black Display

    Thank you, Alfred. I am using a Mac 10.121.8 with Affinty 1.5.5. Yes, restarting did the trick. Thank you.
  4. I am a relatively new user of Affinity Designer and had been working on a business card with many layers. I did not look at it for a while but left the item open. Now every layer is still there although I cannot view them as my business card is all black. I am not able to view any layer. Thank you.