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  1. LovesToDraw408

    Photo - Prickly spines... (2)

    Awesomeness! Looks like a model of an atom or molecule. I wish I had something of the same caliber but I haven't been using the macro on my sigma lens, I am however working on a new halloween project. I think it was last year i focused my illustration and did a set of Nightmare on Sesame St. I don't know if the photos are on my profile you are more welcome to look. the goal this photo project is to actually give me a way to display my current ability to use graphics in a more natural way if that makes sense, so the models will use less cosmetic make-up and hopefully I will have the right method and techniques to display my vision. oh actually I just recalled I have this photo maybe you have already seen it, Definitely a top favorite for me. im working with a Sigma 17-70 a range I find very useful for its price. im guessing the longer the focal length the deeper you can get into a subject. maybe I can find a nice prime one.
  2. LovesToDraw408

    Photo - Prickly spines... (2)

    nice subject, lots of features you can stare at... almost looks like microscopic not macroscopic, like looking at a micro organism. cool colors, is the black background edited in or a backdrop of some kind? the textures are vivid, love that its not to crazy with the depth of field. what kind of lens were you working with?
  3. LovesToDraw408

    Nephews First Soccer Game

    yeah so interesting enough I think the first photo was kind of a unique affect actually done on AF. Photo. I used the black and white tool, because the grass was picking up more yellow when I adjusted it that affect happened naturally. I actually thought it was pretty cool and over dramatic made the grass look more like they were playing in sticks.
  4. LovesToDraw408

    Nephews First Soccer Game

    the game was at a local elementary school here in San Jose
  5. LovesToDraw408

    Nephews First Soccer Game

    Yesterday my nephews first soccer game my brother (his dad) had asked me to do the photography for his first game ever. I took this time to make a spread to show a few photography, editing styles. Used Our favorite program of course. His parents were very pleased, and was kind enough to allow me to show case a few photos on here. Enjoy.
  6. LovesToDraw408

    logo-ish thoughts?

    cool beans love the feed back.
  7. LovesToDraw408

    logo-ish thoughts?

    also im seeing if I can come up with a new logo for myself. here is the original being the last image... I Wassinspired but a group of chairs and table at a ball room. its a lot going on for a logo but I think I like the idea of just AP and get rid of everything else. I do like the way this image turned out, my thought immediately went to "Tea Party with the mad Hatter"interesting what the brain can pull out of its hat, other that or some joker, and Harley Quinn theme
  8. LovesToDraw408

    after the show - new alley photo

    so when it comes to the ladies who have a big impact and influence on my life the two in the photo are it. we just took a seat after an award show. we are at the bar I once was general manager, now I run my own media and design company and on this day both Splash the Bar and myself "Andy Photo" received our award for top 25 Best LGBTQ owned and operated businesses of the Silicon Valley 2018 Presented by The SV Business Journal great time great honor. second photo is their legs crossed , noticed the symmetry. plus they sport some athletic legs hopefully it becomes one of those random iconic photos lol. the final photo is actually one I took in the morning after around 6am after I got off of another part time job I Have in the city. all photos were cropped and edited by . Affinity Photo. Enjoy
  9. LovesToDraw408

    2 New Downtown shots

    didnt even notice it until you mentioned it. very cool thanks
  10. LovesToDraw408

    getting my head around Affinity

    I keep thinking thats a giant robot in the distant cool photo
  11. Tryin out a few macro shots and long exposures and one new illustration I titled "Burning Desire" Enjoy Light Rail Burning Desire A Rock & A Hard Place Life Blossom Just A Flower Emerald Hall
  12. LovesToDraw408

    Designer freezes on a Mac when selecting a font

    I have a 4k LG either full screen or not still gives me the pin wheel of death I also tried changing graphics settings to color range setting still the same
  13. LovesToDraw408

    Designer freezes on a Mac when selecting a font

    has there been any progress on this issue both designer and photo do it on my Mac as well. I went as far as uninstalling both programs and reinstalling it. really don't want to have to do a factory boot on my Mac. even though most of my stuff is on cloud. Im rooting for a solution, My current solution and oddly this works, is to just high light a font I like from a web page and paste it in designer and it strangely works cause its not a font that saved in my font book. even when I try to download a font it won't be recognized or theres some error so I delete it and try another one.
  14. LovesToDraw408

    2 New Downtown shots

    San Jose doesn't have a very amazing skyline I blame the airports proximity, no building over 23 stories or something like that so planes can obviously land. the second photo is of what is our "Central Park" Caesar Chavez always a good spot to take photos. A lot of my photos come out looking very Gotham. I like it, feels mysterious
  15. LovesToDraw408

    designer - sketch batman partial

    lol working on finishing it. its a lot of work for just one color haha, but we'll see how this plays out