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  1. omg your like a magic dictionary!!!!! yeah I get the -200 often i think my images might be to big to upload or something
  2. so #AffinityWorld, what kind of graphics tablet are you currently using. Im using a wacom intuos, its simple, easy to cary around, and does what i need for the time being. got my hearts set on a few other gadgets but I love this one non the less

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    2. LovesToDraw408


      i know what you mean. going between a retina screen to a True HD 1080x1920 can make the colors change. try adjust the color setting on your device something generic or adobe is always good if they have it


    3. Bri-Toon


      Well a while ago, I did try that, and I even had a support ticket open trying to resolve it. They told me that it looks like there was something wrong with the drivers and that Ugee isn't too compatible with Mac. They actually advised me to use Huion instead.

    4. LovesToDraw408


      Interesting good to know. I hear that brand is very good as well maybe one I should put on my wish list 

  3. here it the finished product i think there might be typo somewhere but my owner is not worried he loves the colors and thinks its time well spent. I printed on 110lb paper... card stock has to be sturdy during those consultations. very pretty, the binder i picked up for 10 bucks. thanks for the help made my day go by faster! i think some people would be embarrassed with the grammar. I've always had issues with my dyslexia that is why I like it when people catch my errors. it only really happens when i type or write. its like my hands move faster than my brain and my eyes arrange everything the way it should be. any hoo enjoy i keep getting -200 when i try to upload my photos what does that mean?
  4. awesome thanks for the catches
  5. lol here we try to stick around 80 lol
  6. oh I'm far from proofing thats why i decided to post. my dyslexia can do a number when it comes to typos so why not have other people look is my logic. thanks for the second set of eyes. lucky it didn't go to print. but i still need my boss to proof it as well
  7. so as a GM of the night club i work for I also head up our bottle service program the season has been very busy for me but i finally got some time to work on some sample coverpages for my bottle service menu. my owner was adamant about 2 things. 1 make sure its something the other bars are not doing, and two make each color of the rainbow a page in the menu. 9 pages all together i didn't bother posting the others,. frankly as a sales person I'm not a fan of multiple pages. I already have a 1 page version for my sanity lol. but he signs the checks so TAAAADAAAA! lol aaaand if any of you come visits The Silicon Valley, y'all know where to find me. stop by and say hi.
  8. You ever get the feeling something follows you in your dreams.
  9. exciting! i hope I'm still in practice.
  11. practicing various gradient techniques
  12. So i was at mcdonalds and decides to draw my fries. they were delicious