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  1. Untitled.afphotoAll images is worked done for various Projects & Companies & Individuals.. I used Affinity photo for all my work. thanks again for an awesome product
  2. Here are some new photos I took a few nights ago of my staff as well as 2 condos being built in the down town area. the edit was my first attempt considering the proximity of what I needed to remove from the photo to my subject being my Barback I think it was a good first attempt Stoli Should be proud lol IMG_1893.MOV
  3. so its been a while since I've been on here so hello again As you can see I have been busy but I bring these to all of you they all have been processed by affinity photo so thanks for another great year with an awesome product, although I've been experiencing a lot of lag and performance drops lately but I still love the program non the less. some of the photos I wanted to show didn't upload maybe it was the file type. a lot my work is freelance, If I do any hired work it's mostly editorial or marketing.. thanks & enjoy!!
  4. i love watching 4k videos on youtube, saw this took a screen shot a did my spin on replicating it.
  5. Was working with circles and ended up with balloons lol baloon frame.pdf
  6. so my logo is inspired by 2 things. star trek and batman. it my initials A.R if you couldn't tell lol. image isn't as sharp as i'd like it, i was editing an older image i'll have to redo it eventually Kinda like the noise feature on the program so i tried it out. not really sure what it is meant for any explanation would be cool.
  7. made myself a crystal skull i stumbled across this affect, still learning a lot of the tricks on Affinity. i really like it, here are some variations, and the original skull i made for a bakery
  8. finally ordered my copy of the Affinity Design Book. 

    exciting. hopefully it survives the trip over the pond. 



  9. So my question is, for those who use external monitors. what is your opinion on affinity used on a uhd monitor vs a 4k. is it worth the transition? does your art apear different in color? did you have to retouch any finished work? I currently use a 1080x1920 60hrtz acer monitor. i love this monitor. i run off of a mid 2014 mac 13 retina. which at it's sharpest resolution the mac says its projecting "like" its at 1680x1050: factor in the retina concept that is 1 pixel split into quarter pixels .... well you do the math lol. it's something like 50 extra lines of pixles per square inch, but i digress... Unfortunately my model doesnt project in 4k even though the ration suggest it would naturally. so im considering picking up one that does, and a monitor to accompany it. Any suggestion or feed back? Thanks.
  10. So affinity world.... for those of you who do home printing. what do you look for in a home printer, I am in the market for a good wide format printer. that can print 11x17 maybe a smidge larger. but for sure has to be able to print on 80lbs weight paper. 


    Hopefully some of you has experience in this area. I have a few in mind but would mind hearing about some other models if anyone has a high quality laser print 

    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor

      This is a status area and not really designed for asking questions. Other forum users are unlikely to see this 

    2. Bri-Toon


      Except for followers like myself.


      I don't really have experience with printing, but I remember having a discussion of the difference between RGB, sRGB, and CMYK. Since I don't actually print, or for the rare times I do from a basic Canon, I actually work in sRGB. If I have to, I make a copy of CMYK, but it is good to have a copy of both. The different printers have different color values. I previously didn't understand why people do work in CMYK since I always found it to lack color, and then I realized it was unexplained to me in college that commercial printing is not the same as home printing. From one of the discussions here, it was explained that CMYK is good for "rotary press" printers, whereas printing the same file from a home printer would not have the same quality. So since you are looking for a printer for marketing purposes, I will "assume" rotary press is what you need.


      As it is obvious, I am not in the market. I use Affinity for personal use, but I am trying to move up to starting a business. As Patrick mentioned, it might be hard for people to catch this, but a new topic might give you more information.

    3. AndyPhotoSJ


      thanks guys....

      thought id start with  this than start a new post that may not get much in response lol 

  11. haha i actually caught that right after i posted i figured someone was gonna catch it.. lucky my cut off to send t looks. I think thats where 10% of my errors come in. right on.
  12. ` The Thing about being self taught, is that not only do you learn to be patient with yourself, it also makes discovering new techniques that much more valuable to me. Learned a little more about creating transparent object and balancing it in it's environment. . #WinnigWithIn
  13. thank you. ok so now i know I'm headed to a mixer of sorts. i like mixers best way to meet other business professionals, chatting with a glass of wine or vodka.
  14. OOO This is more my area expertise. Hello By the way. Easy to read, at a glance information. the thing about flyers is that it stays in someones hands no longer that 5 seconds. thats all the time you need to get the information out.' this is as simple as it gets for flyers. its not a bad flyer, clean lines, thick font. I would have asked for actual photos of last years event if there was any and integrate those photos along with the headlining dj. especially if he is not as known as your bigger dj's. im assuming the names with the star are names of performers? or location? you got the cover charge, what about start time of the event and address? thats about it. looks like a heavy box. I know the pain lol
  15. added 2 more at the bottom of the images one generic and a promo
  16. inspiring! how long did this piece take for you to finish?
  17. I'm thinking about trying my hand at a 3d art program. any suggestions?

  18. omg your like a magic dictionary!!!!! yeah I get the -200 often i think my images might be to big to upload or something
  19. so #AffinityWorld, what kind of graphics tablet are you currently using. Im using a wacom intuos, its simple, easy to cary around, and does what i need for the time being. got my hearts set on a few other gadgets but I love this one non the less

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    2. Bri-Toon


      Well a while ago, I did try that, and I even had a support ticket open trying to resolve it. They told me that it looks like there was something wrong with the drivers and that Ugee isn't too compatible with Mac. They actually advised me to use Huion instead.

    3. AndyPhotoSJ


      Interesting good to know. I hear that brand is very good as well maybe one I should put on my wish list 

    4. Bri-Toon


      Definitely research it though. Because that is one thing I lacked when I got the Ugee, and those can be pricey options, you know. However, I spoke with an artist, and she says that Huion is a very good brand. So...I hope you find what you are looking for.

  20. here it the finished product i think there might be typo somewhere but my owner is not worried he loves the colors and thinks its time well spent. I printed on 110lb paper... card stock has to be sturdy during those consultations. very pretty, the binder i picked up for 10 bucks. thanks for the help made my day go by faster! i think some people would be embarrassed with the grammar. I've always had issues with my dyslexia that is why I like it when people catch my errors. it only really happens when i type or write. its like my hands move faster than my brain and my eyes arrange everything the way it should be. any hoo enjoy i keep getting -200 when i try to upload my photos what does that mean? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AsiuIdrnX9HCeRlYoP2CR0SiGjOgXxGL/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZlxwmSl0s7smx8spkO1gS922WlFruEzy/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A2XyYtvNeiYkXJbmFs6-01-Els1-UZN_/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j3K5ww3PEXCJ279KPPftI7CGkZ1qSVlx/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b1Jni96Q9aeYIwyM39XmmHIfVQwe6Dk6/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/18npj9l4G5BfFK6sY2Z_z_PysZt4fI5NZ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BJVIGJ4vREIAz_6c5KpgWtbamnjvrkxx/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l7U7udgWYqVSEnBQfitiFMSz_3p8BNdm/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ZnkqXzCIwvLP8z-QoBuONKtYBmRlYy5/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/158C-J7Y7ZB68NoKkgBuU49PbbuRmRpZm/view?usp=sharing
  21. oh I'm far from proofing thats why i decided to post. my dyslexia can do a number when it comes to typos so why not have other people look is my logic. thanks for the second set of eyes. lucky it didn't go to print. but i still need my boss to proof it as well
  22. so as a GM of the night club i work for I also head up our bottle service program the season has been very busy for me but i finally got some time to work on some sample coverpages for my bottle service menu. my owner was adamant about 2 things. 1 make sure its something the other bars are not doing, and two make each color of the rainbow a page in the menu. 9 pages all together i didn't bother posting the others,. frankly as a sales person I'm not a fan of multiple pages. I already have a 1 page version for my sanity lol. but he signs the checks so TAAAADAAAA! lol aaaand if any of you come visits The Silicon Valley, y'all know where to find me. stop by and say hi. update. added my generic flyer for advertisement and a promotional flyer for a vodka we are offering
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