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  1. pandawid

    First meeting with vector graphics

    I'd only like to add some very simple projects here. I wanted to practise some things from tutorials. I can see I have problems with ratios.
  2. Hi, I have such a problem that I can't make nice and smooth lines drawing with pen on oval figure. I attach a picture how it looks like.... I'd like to get nice smooth line, not like trapezium. Black stroke interrupts me in this... My goal is to make nice looking bee
  3. Hi, I'm looking for Bootstrap 3/4 elements to import in Affinity Designer. Did someone find it?
  4. Is drawing vectors on raster a good practise for beginners? I'd like to learn drawing something more than just simple logos. I'm wondering if people paste raster graphics on the background and draw vectors on it or it's a bad habit.
  5. Hi everyone! I just saw something like that yesterday. I'm curious how it's possible to do it in AD
  6. Hi there! Is there possibility to do something like container with elements and Affinity'd calculate margins from the elements? I mean something like html/css... For instance I have four bars and I want to add another one. Can AD calculate paddings/margins and add there my new bar with every bar equal size?
  7. Hi! Is there any option to have field for writing colours hexadecimal in this place? And can I have something like a list with some colours with names using in the project?
  8. Hi there! I'd like to show you my simple work. That's my first confrontation with vector graphic. I made it based on tutorials from youtube. I have problem with colours and sizes. I want to make everything too perfect. I know that's nothing unusual but I'm glad to hear every comment
  9. I have snapping turned on but it doesn't snap inside corner.
  10. Hello pals! Is there possibility to making perfect selections in such example? (1) I also would like to make another triangle inside with the same distance from corners. (2) How to do it?