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  1. No duplicated master pages, but I linked / pinned some text blocks together. Once I unlinked the page from the master page so I can edit it, it would crash when I moved the text too long I think. For this I moved the text and then saved before it could crash
  2. I originally wanted to build a master template for my uni stuff, but publisher just startd crashing and being unpredictable when working with master pages When you load this file, the program will just crash. Abgabe.afpub
  3. What? I can't copy SVGs out of Designer. Despite having that preference set to on it always copies PNG files. And yeah, funnily enough I need that feature because I work with Figma (which also has that feature, but in non broken), but that doesn't matter, because I need to get the SVGs out of Designer first. Right now I have to use the regular export menu. This is a hassle, because I have to pick a file name and have to make sure that it just exports the selected area.
  4. Yes, I know what SVG files are and I also have that preferences toggled on, otherwise I wouldn't have quoted it's name in the title of the thread. Again it doesn't matter what I copy - and if it's a curve or a shape there shouldn't be anything to rasterized - to be more precise: when I use the export panel it doesn't rasterize these either. And even if it was rasterizing all of these: It still would have an SVG header and it doesn't. So yeah, it's deffo broken, because it puts - no matter what - a PNG file in your clipboard.
  5. It doesn't matter what I copy, Designer always rasterizes it into a png for my clipboard. This is hyper annoying.
  6. It doesn't matter what I copy, could be boxes, could be imported SVGs, instead of copying an SVG, Affinity Designer rasterizes it into an image. This is super annoying.
  7. Hi, I just wanted to ask whether the Metal performance improvements on MacOS have been brought to Windows too, or are most effects here still being computed on the CPU?
  8. What's the poujnt of being able to zoom in almost infinitely when my angles aren't precise? Also it's just pretty inconvenient
  9. The feature is kinda useless for me in it's current form. I don't want to create YouTube thumbnails, I want to do stuff that I can print.
  10. Of course I did: it just doesn't accept any value larger than 1024px. Even in the distort persona there is no way to twirl something that large.
  11. Hi, I think I'm running into a problem that could easily be fixed: As you can see on the screenshot I've included, the radius just is not enough, but the slider is already maxed. Many live filters like the Live Twirl have some kind of scale or radius slider. Problem is: when you work at high resolutions the maximum value just isn't enough. That's why I'd suggest you to change the way the sliders work to the way they work in Blender: You can't drag the slider beyond a reasonable value that makes sense for the tool - However you can type in the box any value you want and the program will use that value accordingly. I hope you will think about adding that behavior to the software!
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