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  1. Check out the brushes and the file I attached. This is a vector brush applied to a line, these are all vector brushes based on textures.
  2. +1 This is a frequently requested feature. Workaround: Arrows.afbrushes Arrows.afdesign Arrows.mp4
  3. An option to create a slice from a layer, but the size of a canvas. The reasons why this is necessary are revealed in this post:
  4. I think that a new system on Ryzen 7 5700G or Ryzen 5 5600G processor, with integrated graphics, will bring you more benefits than a new graphics card. You will get much more comfort and smoother operation, in all applications. Now is not the best time to buy a video card, overpriced by 2-3 times. But how soon will better times come?
  5. I found a second solution, which is a non-destructive boolean mode. Hold Alt before the boolean operation.
  6. Why not use artboards in AD, for cropping. The artboard is the cropping frame of the document. Essentially, you can quickly resize multiple documents side by side in the same workspace.
  7. It looks like the original photo was larger than 375 dpi, and the export reduced it to 300 dpi. If for some reason you want to keep the original image, which was over 300 dpi uncheck this:
  8. This looks like bilinear resampling. Many viewers use the bilinear method by default. But you don't need that much magnification, just look at the actual size in pixels (100% zoom) when 1 px of the image equals 1 px of the screen.
  9. What PDF viewer do you use? Can you take a screenshot from this program? Many web browsers support viewing PDFs. You can try opening the PDF in different web browsers or other programs.
  10. Hi, It doesn't look blurry in the PDF, it looks good 👍 I imported it into AD to check. 55 x 88 mm, the butterfly is 300 dpi, its image is sharp.
  11. Variant for AP 1. Create a rectangle the size of the canvas. 2. Place the layer in the rectangle. But it may be difficult or impossible for you if 400 files, each with 5 layers, have already been created. Layers.mp4
  12. "Classic Pencil 2B" will always show a tear in one of the corners. You can't avoid this, because the texture of this brush, has margins. You will have to use a different brush.
  13. Moving the red dashed lines won't do anything, they are meant to define the inner repeating part of the texture. Earlier I marked the margins in green. If these margins are in the brush texture, you can't change them.
  14. Brushes without margins, also give artifact in one of the corners. I tried to avoid it this way: Corner.mp4
  15. This is the margins in the brush texture. I marked it in green. Some other brushes, don't have this margins, or they are minimal.
  16. Welcome to the Affinity Forums If you're talking about a canvas or an artboard, I understand you. If you put the layer in a transparent rectangle the size of the canvas, the slice will also be created in the size of the canvas. But this could be a solution, for fewer number of layers.
  17. In HitFilm Express, it is possible to import frame sequences, as well as different blending modes.
  18. Yes, you indicated in the title that you use Designer, but still note Live Field Blur in AP. It has the advantage of non-destructive workflow. Live_Field_Blur.afphoto Live_Field_Blur.mp4
  19. The Blur Brush Tool only works on the selected layer. If no layer is selected, nothing happens.
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