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  1. I was able to get fairly accurate results with the Cloud tool, with 12 Bubbles. I checked the result with a star with 12 beams as @NotMyFault advised, as well as with 24 beams, and got a good result. Circle.afdesign Circle_1.mp4 Circle_2.mp4
  2. I miss Scatter in Affinity. With it, we could create stunning Halftone-style work, using not only circles, but other shapes, hex, etc. The AP allows you to work interactively with Halftone, which is awesome. But it is a bitmap effect that is not suitable for laser cutting, etc. Halftone.mp4
  3. Hi, Fill and stroke can be conveniently controlled from the colour panel. Fill_&_Stroke.mp4
  4. Hi, Edit > Preferences > User Interface Uncheck this box:
  5. Hi, This is a very generalized question. A visual representation would not be superfluous. What app are you using? It's probably a shot in the air:
  6. Use Boolean operations: https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/ObjectControl/compound.html Before the merge operation, hold down Alt, this will make the merge non-destructive and allow you to edit the text and shape. HB.afdesign HB.mp4
  7. Hi, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! This principle will also work in Affinity Designer.
  8. Here's another way to blur the background, it's created in AP, but it can be opened and used in AD. Blur.afdesign Blur_Artboard.afdesign Blur.mp4
  9. Hi, Perhaps this method will help you. A normal layer works like a mask: This method also allows you to mix several masks in Multiply blend mode.
  10. Hi, Welcome to the Forums! If you provide a test file, it will help to figure it out. A similar question here:
  11. Appearance Appearance.mp4 Fill Layer Fill_Layer.mp4
  12. Select the red shape, and click the Reverse curve button. But the two problematic nodes will remain. You can also use a non-destructive Subtract operation by holding Alt before pressing the Subtract button.
  13. Hi, and welcome to the forum! Weird glitch. I re-created the gradient, and it worked. This may have something to do with the fact that the rectangle was created from the "arrow" shape, which was edited after the gradient was created.
  14. A lot of objects are gathered into one location? In my case, it doesn't happen. A screenshot of the Layers panel, or the file you provided, may clarify the cause.
  15. Hi, Perhaps the imported item is too small and you can't see it. What does Outliner show in Blender? To get the imported shape in real physical units, set it to 90 DPI when exporting, or use a 90 DPI document initially: If you want to extrude your shape, use the second SVG import option:
  16. Hi, Ctrl+1 - 100% Ctrl+2 - 200% etc Ctrl+0 - fit to window Ctrl+Scroll - quick navigation
  17. The down arrow in PS is a clipping mask. This is what it looks like in AP: https://youtu.be/CBl20YGZRTk
  18. You can use a normal layer as a mask, and do with it everything you can do with a normal layer. 1. Select the layer that should be the mask 2. Change its curve in Blend Ranges 3. Change its blend mode to Erase Non-destructive_Mask.afphoto Non-Destructive Mask.mp4
  19. Hi and Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Protect Alpha? You will find this option in Pixel Persona by selecting the Paint Brush Tool or Pixel Tool.
  20. Hi, try this non-destructive mask method. You can create a folder/group that can contain any number of layers, and that group will work as a mask Composite_Mask.afphoto
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