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  1. Yes it worked, thanks Carl, but the "Resize Document" dialog is misleading. But now we know that DPI can be seen in the Metadata panel.
  2. If you want to create documents with fractional DPI (76.2/52.5/96.4), you need Affinity Designer. Affinity Photo cannot create a document with fractional DPI.
  3. The AP cannot display fractions for DPI. AD can. After you create a document, you can add fractional DPI values in AD (Edit > Document Setup). Creating a document with fractional DPI/PPI are very important for documents with technical illustrations. Dear Developers! I ask you not to remove this feature from AD.
  4. A little clarification for Export Persona, perhaps this will help, or is completely unnecessary here 🤔 Here's a simple example. The original artboard is 500x500px, suppose I export it in three different resolutions, 500x500, 300x300, 150x150. Export_Persona.mp4
  5. Although this is in the "feature request" section for AP, I have an idea for AD. Use "Symbol" for this. Before creating a symbol, group your design. After creating the symbol, group it again. Symbol.mp4
  6. Yes, of course you can use it for commercial projects, or other tasks, without any limitations.
  7. This is a common problem. After boolean operations, some nodes ignore the "Corner Tool". I assume that they get bezier control knobs that end up inside that node (in the same coordinates as the node, so you can't even see them).
  8. Hi, RMB, Geometry > Merge Curves or Main menu > Layer > Geometry > Merge Curves Tip: If the "Corner Tool" has no effect on some vertices, select all or only the problematic vertices and apply the "Convert to Sharp" command to them.
  9. Hi, for this you need Export Persona, not Batch Job. https://youtu.be/j3CB1jJPRGU https://youtu.be/vcIUG7aeyCY https://youtu.be/ST2pUlEbOxw
  10. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5700G (stock) GPU: AMD RX Vega 8 (CPU integrated graphic) OS: Windows 10 Pro 19042.1526
  11. You need to apply Adjustments to the image. Select the desired one from the list. Adjustments.mp4
  12. @MikeTO Thank you! CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X (stock) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB OS: Windows 10 Pro 19044.1288
  13. Yes, Multiply blending mode is the first thing that comes to mind. For the paper, I would use Multiply blending mode and apply the Brightness/Contrast adjustment (to the paper layer only).
  14. Hi, It seems that scaling with Move Tool handles, uses bilinear resampling. To process multiple files you can use Batch Job (File > New Batch Job). https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Macros_Batch/batchjobs.html
  15. The power of this method is that you can edit the mask like a normal layer without any restrictions. You can also use a group as a mask! Everything you put in this group automatically becomes a mask, and you can mix them together in Multiply mode, for example. This way a mask can be a composite of multiple layers of any type (raster, vector, color, grayscale). This gives full creative freedom.
  16. You can use a normal layer as a mask, and do with it everything you can do with a normal layer. 1. Select the layer that should be the mask 2. Change its curve in Blend Ranges 3. Change its blend mode to Erase Non-destructive_Mask.afphoto Non-Destructive Mask.mp4 ---
  17. This can be done more easily by deleting segments with Ctrl + Click, and then separating the curve. Contour.mp4
  18. Unfortunately, this will require additional steps. Expand_Stroke.mp4 Boolean.mp4
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