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  1. Love the style of it, your art is so amazing!!!!!!
  2. How did you make the 3d text in AD? (Really cool btw)
  3. Thanks for the feedback!!! the reason behind the text being close to Mario head was from student feedback that it would be placed that way since other magazines did similar things. Looking back at the design now. I agree with you too now about the full stops, If I re-did the design I would have removed these. Tho still happen with how the project came out in the end and having a printed version of a project I design is cool to have!!!
  4. Thank you so much for the feedback!! and I agree with the front cover design. This was a uni project and we had a set time of a week for front cover designs so I was limited to the amount of time I had along with other stuff that cause me being unable to revised the design at a latter point (things like helping other students out with there projects and setting up printing and documents for printing for the whole class) So I would have liked to have more time on it. With that said thank you so much and glad you liked it.
  5. DJ Watt - Twitch Branding: Client: DJ Watt: 
Year: 2018 Designer: Andrew Salfinger: To start off 2018 one of the first projects of the year I go to work on was the re-branding of DJ Watt’s twitch page and overlay. This was a really fun project to work on with playing around with different effects and styles. Along with it’s felt like its been forever sine I have been able to work on a complete twitch packaging. I designed for DJ Watt the following: Logo Logo (Motion Graphic) Banner Icon Twitch Panels Offline Screen Starting Soon (Motion Graphic) BRB (Motion Graphic) Below you can see each element of the project: Video showcasing what I designed for DJ Watt. Logo: Icon: Banner: Overlay: Twitch Panels: Offline: In need of a graphic design? Check out my work : Media: Website: www.andrewsalfinger.comPortfolio : Instagram: YouTube:
  6. Wow lots of different apps you used to get the final product amazing job!!!! Any reason you used pixelmatr to do the kaleidoscope effect? Affinity Photo able to do kaleidoscope can't it?
  7. The project is finally done. For the past 13 weeks I’ve been working on a gaming magazine while at SAE. The magazine deals with gaming but unlike other magazines where they talk about news and reviews TossUp talks about in-depth gaming information such as what works, what dose not, fail within games, game mechanics and more. The project was made with a mix of affinity designer, affinity photo and indesign. (This project was made for a uni assessment and is not a real magazine.) If you would like to view the magazine online click here: Below are mockups of the magazine. What do you think of the magazine? __ In need of a graphic design? Then you came to the right place. Contact me: Want to check out my work : __ Social Media: Website: Portfolio : Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Linkedin: Behance:
  8. Amazing job making it look 3d!!!!
  9. Wow crazy style amazing job!!!
  10. Love the effects and style of the image!! look great. One thing you could play around with is the use of overlay textures with a blend mode to add more detail to the image such as the following: dust particle overlay screen scratches (Plastic Wrap Textures)
  11. Great job!!!! How are these images done? Do you just paint colour over the image with the layer set to a blend mode?
  12. Thank you so much!!!! I was worried if people would like the style or not.
  13. What is the game about: A powerful crystal and a map to a location of 8 objects are needed to stop the Sigma from taking control of the system, Beyond Horizon is a side-scroller platformer with a top-down space travel and combat. Join Aito and his team as he travels space and explores planets and build a life in this story-driven game, all this is just beyond the horizon. About the Project: Beyond Horizon is a small project I've been working on for a couple of years now, starting off as a 2d pixel art game before moving into this mixture of vector and semi-realistic textures that I started to play around with while working on an illustrated calendar. I'm currently working on this project solo so production on the game has been slow (along with changing a lot of things required to re-start from the ground up) and I felt like I should start sharing the project. WIP: Below are some screenshots and videos from my work in progress of the game. Motion Graphic intro: Player House: Starting City: You can also follow the project at: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.
  14. Hello ^-^ I just wanted to post some things I would like to be added within Affinity Photo for iOS. One of the biggest issues I have with it is file transfer. Only being able to do a single file at a time is a bit slow! so something like in Procreate would be look where you can hold select a file then select files around is to move multiple at a time then move them into the Files app. Or have a system in place where all files are saved to the cloud by default ( can be disable) a icon will be placed on the document to download the file onto said device to work on. Then you can delete it from the device but will still be on the cloud to use on another computer or to re-download on said device at a letter date (tho this might be a bit hard to do) Moving onto folders would love to be able to mass delete files within a folder so when in the folder view you can only delete a folder when all files have been removed to being able to delete a folder with all files within it would be nice. Also full keyboard support for external keyboard use (along with command/alt and control) right now there is support but limited!!! Also would love to have sub folders within a main folder would be nice ^-^ Thank you for your time, will update if I can think of other things to add.