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  1. Use of Plugins is one of the most common operations with a pixel editor. Historically the plugin menu has been buried under several subfolders within "Filters". As most of the AP UI is very "Modern" in its approach why not improve the UI by surfacing plugins within the UI? Come on Serif, lead the way :)-
  2. Interestingly your dng crashed Faststone and was not read in DXO - Photolab 3. Obviously opens in CS6 but could you use Tif? The dng is not a raw file.
  3. I don't know if I am quite understanding what you are saying but if you change your display profile from say Blade to sRGB then this will change the appearance of the image. That is what is supposed to happen. You posted two different photos but it is difficult to understand what you are showing. It is a photo with text on it. What is it supposed to show? Is your screen a wide gamut aRGB or sRGB?
  4. Thanks Sean. I can't think this is a big issue from a programming aspect and hope it will be fixed soon. Just customer feedback but issues like this impact more on sales / "reputation" because if AP is missing some high end feature, few people will be impacted, because it is high end, and by definition "limited". The ability to run a plugin is regarded as a basic requirement and because many more people will be impacted actually has more of an effect on AP. Problem is programmers want to work on the "high end" features because it is more interesting. :-) The acquisition of NIK by DXO has generated a lot of interest in these plugins and I can imagine the "free" Google NIK plugins were not high on the programmers radar. Again, I hope you can sort this out quickly. Ian
  5. When I use DXO-NIK plugin Viveza from AP I get a huge colour and tone change in the Viveza program. If I send the file back to AP the colours are as they should be including any changes but I can't process in Viveza because I can't judge the colours their. It appears to be a AP issue because if I access Viveza with alternative software then everything is normal. If I change the colour profile associated with the original image the colour changes are different in Viveza. Again pointing to an AP issue. A screen shot from AP and then Viveza are attached. It is pretty obvious which is which. This is with a calibrated sRGB monitor. Latest official release of AP and Win 10 1803 updated.
  6. Just to confirm this isseu with Topaz Studio v1.18. Transparency locked. As all Topaz plugins are transferring to Studio this is a serious issue. They still run in PS. Ian
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