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  1. I never said PS did not have raw editing capabilities, what I said was LR is a dedicated raw editor (and none destructive at that). It is ACR plus. AP is  not a dedicated raw editor it is a PS type of editor that has raw functionality up to a point. Not sure what using PS has to do with it but for what it is worth I always use it for content aware fill. To be honest I Use LR and PS far more than I use AP. For raw editing LR wins hands down for me and more often that not gives me the results I need. Of course we could also say Adobe Bridge is a raw editor as it can also access ACR.

  2. On 9/2/2018 at 2:29 PM, msdobrescu said:

    Now I see why you don't run Linux: because you understood it wrong. Linux is not the one not supporting some software. Au contraire. Companies do not support Linux. Their choice, their loss.

    Nope Linux does not support the software for the software is written but cannot run on Linux. Simples really - Linux cannot run stuff written for Windows or Mac. Of course the devs could port the software across but they do not want to, they are happy having their market in Windows/Mac. That is a business decision. Of course, none of this stops a business moving across into the Linux world if there is a commercial driver but I do not see that happening in respectof people like Serif. I gave Linux up for that reason - there were no mainstream software companies developing apps for Linux, at least not the apps I wanted. The open source alternatives did not meet my requirements and/or took far too long to develop. I therefore exercised choice and moved away.

  3. 23 hours ago, msdobrescu said:

    Not fair, indeed. There are three main OSes, they should be supported. I chose Linux based on facts, not on mood.

    You have elected to use a system that does not support the software you wish to run. That is your choice and it is therefore your problem. If you need the software that much move to Windows or Mac. I played with Linux for years, ran it for a while as my main desktop and finally ditched it because it could not run the software I needed. 

  4. Then move on, you are using the wrong software. Affinity never had a Dam so I cannot understand why you feel that it is missing. Capture One is good stuff sure so go and pay the price of owning it. And remember AP is not a dedicated raw editor so again why do you expect it to be so? Affinity is more like Photoshop. I have no issues loading raw into Develop but I am not using Fuji X, which has created problems all around so far as I can see ( I am on Nikon). 

  5. 3 hours ago, Dethroc said:

    I think one simple thing: I'm a GNU/Linux user. I'd buyed Affinity. I can't use it because I need a WIndows or Mac. That is not fair. I'm adapted to use InkScape, but Affinity is much more intuitive and easy to use.

    That's it.


    Why is it not fair? Affinity is not developed for Linux, never has been and apparently never will be. You chose Linux of your own free will and the consequence is you cannot run Affinity. You cannot run Phptoshop, Lightroom, CaptureOne and many other pieces of software either - is that unfair?

  6. Are you disabling the automatic curve before editing the raw? It makes the image look worse initially but increases latitude for editing (this approach works in some cases). That is a pretty difficult image the highlights and shadows are a bit extreme so you may need more than just the highlight and shadow sliders to make it useful. I cannot ague in that I have always found LR raw develop module better than AP but AP's has always worked for me with some effort.


  7. 57 minutes ago, MEB said:

    What's the specs of your iMac? If you create a new user account and try to run Affinity Photo there does it still lags when performing these operations? Are you running any anti-virus on background?

    Specs attached. User accounts make no difference. I get this problem on no other software so doubt its a spec thing, or if it is it is due to the way Affinity is put together. Should mention that it is the drawing of gradient masks that is the real nightmare. It is absolutely perfect out side of the raw editor though and even the blockiness is very light, if at all. So, it appears to be the raw workspace.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 16.13.34.png

  8. On 03/05/2018 at 5:32 PM, ColinG said:

    Jumping on this thread. Same here, Affinity Photo is basically unusable on my late 2017 iMac, especially so in the raw editor. Dragging out gradients takes an age - it is laggy and not nice to use whilst changes with the sliders is blocky and jerky. Sorry but altogether an awful experience. PS on the other hand flies. Is there something I am missing?

    Thanks :-)

    Nothing anyone?