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  1. I have been working through the extension with MEB as apparently there are issues with Edit With. I am on Photos version 3 and a fully updated High Sierra (10.13.1). Edit With is there but does not work as expected - that is not the same way as the extension.
  2. Yup cracked it. Think we are there now. One thing, cancelling develop and then closing Affinity and cancelling the intermediate window does not kill the intermediate window. It is there again next time. The only way to kill it is to go through the complete develop process save the file, quit Affinity and then cancel the intermediate screen. MEB thanks so very much for your help. First class service plus some I would say :-)
  3. Should say this is an image I was testing with earlier - seems it won't go away!
  4. That fixed it. No compression etc on though. Strange though when I complete the edit and then close Affinity to get back to photos I am asked if I wish to save the file. I say no. However the edit does not pass to affinity but I go back to a completely different photo. I close that and the image I am working on is open but showing no edits!
  5. Well not working here using extensions - Affinity Photos. Unedited raws open the develop persona but no image shows - file details appear though. Edited raws open as jpegs in the Develop Persona. So either something has corrupted AP or we are looking at different things here :-(
  6. Not working here. MEB have you tested two types of raw, one that has been edited in Photos and one that is in Photos but with no edits. I am off to test again.
  7. Photos won't let mr export an edited raw, or any other kind of raw for that matter. Maybe the conclusion here is Apple Photos is rubbish :-)
  8. It is worse. if I open a raw that has not been edited in Apple Photos then it opens in the Develop Persona but it remains blank (but shows the image details). If I open a raw that has been edited in Apple Photos it opens in the Photo Persona but I know not in which format as it just says Apple Photos Doc. The camera is either a Nikon D5100 or D5300.
  9. Nope it is a standard raw file (nef), but it is opening in tyhe Photo Persona.
  10. That sorted it thanks :-) Opened a raw filer in the extension but have no way of knowing what the file type is - it just says apple photos document. It did not open in the raw editor so it must be something other than the raw?
  11. Have restarted many times since update MEB. Just restarted again but no show re extension. I am running on a 2017 iMac Retina 4k with High Sierra.
  12. The latest Affinity Photo does not show up as an extension in Apple Photos. Am I missing something :-)
  13. I am not concerned re Photos retaining the original, that make perfect sense. What concerns me is the behaviour when it hands a file off to Affinity - the original file format will often be changed. Just opened a raw with Edit With and it opened as a Tiff, opened another and it became a jpeg. Opened a tiff and it stayed a tiff, opened another and it became JPEG. Something is very wrong here.
  14. Are you using Edit With or the extension? I am using the former. And there was an update to Apple Photos with High Sierra - you probably do not have the Edit With function.
  15. Just opened another raw and this time it opened in Affinity as a jpeg. The difference between the two raws is one has been edited whilst in Apple Photos and the other has not been edited whilst in Apple Photos. Seems complete and utter rubbish to me. Why bother eh!
  16. Edit With Affinity Photo from Apple Photos and the file loads in Affinity with the file type across the top. It is not opening a raw file it is def opening a tiff in Affinity. So if using open with on a raw it opens in Affinity as a tiff. Open with on a tiff opens as a jpeg. Worse than useless really.
  17. Been playing with 1.6.6 on a 2017 iMac. Has anybody else experienced poor performance re the sliders in the raw develop module. They really are not a patch on their LR equivalents it seems.
  18. ColinG


    Not good here, at least they do not compare to the likes of LR, Topaz or even Luminar. Perhaps they have always been that way but when I do slide the adjusters the change is blocky - it is not a smooth change, it is possible to the the image re-rendering in blocks. Bloody awful to be honest. 2017 base iMac Retina 4k running High Sierra.
  19. Hi, Oops! Should have said in the first place - yup, fully updates 2017 iMac Retina 4k running High Sierra.
  20. I have no problem with the subscription model fortunately. Adobe CC gives me a very nice DAM and editor in LR along with PS which does everything that Affinity Photo does. These are mature products and its is my guess that the 2017 release of LR will attend to the speed issues (not that they are too bad here). To be honest all this talk of a DAM is pointless in my books - all you will get is a reincarnation of LR anyway. Look at On1 - it is getting there now but what does their DAM do that LR does not. And there is a stand alone license for LR anyway so you do not have to go subscription.
  21. It really should not be this way though should it? Topaz Studio is working fine with LR and PS so why not with Affinity?
  22. I would not hold my breath, If you want a good DAM then you are probably stuck with LR or the like....unless you are a Mac user and the next incarnation of Apple Photos has improved:-) I love Affinity but have given up using it as I need a DAM so therefore have Adobe CC. That duplicates what Affinity offers so it is a no brainer to me.