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    PDF Export - huge Files!

    Hello - I'm a graphic designer with over 30 years experience using Adobe and Quark tools creating documents for print or large-format production. Like everyone else I'm looking to migrate to Affinity products. Yesterday I went through about 30 variants of print settings in Affinity Pub trying to get usable output at reasonable size for a 2-sided business card project that included 10 linked photos. Affinity output varied from 400k up to 27 mg depending. Embedding photos made no difference. In my tests using jpg compression actually increased file size compared to using no compression, and of course degraded quality. Counter-intutitive I know. Don't believe they've got that jpg compression quite sorted out, but here are my settings that provided good results and acceptable files size compared to INDD. (see attached) Final Affinity pdf size was 1.7mg compared to 486k INDD output of the same content. YMMV
  2. verified this minor bug in build ...0.257 on my system too. Mac OS 10.12.6 1. created text frame box - type in content 2. hold down alt & drag to dupe contents 3. clicking off-text but in the text frame exhibits the behavior. see screen captures illustrating problem and enclosed .afpub too home-layout.afpub
  3. Hi DonS and toltec - I'll chime in to say that graphic designers in the USA who design for print such as myself use inch units all the time because (as toltec mentions above) for print photos need to be @ specific ppi / dpi (300) in order to ensure reproduction quality on press. example: 3000 x 3000 ppi image @ 72 ppi per inch would be about 41.5 inches. At 72 ppi output would be lousy on press. When you resize the image (without resampling) yields a 10 x 10 @ 300 ppi which gives good quality on press. So - when I get images from clients first thing I do is resize them to 300 ppi/dpi to see how big the image is a print res in inches. If I have to resample the image to get the size I need I will do that, but quality suffers. Cheers, Reddot