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    Hi @kamelelmallah,
    Welcome to the forums. 
    The crop tool will crop the canvas and not the individual layers. If you wish to crop the image, you would have to create a shape and drag the shape layer on the right hand side of the image thumbnail.
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    Hi kamelelmallah,
    You're probably working with an Image layer type (check the label in small letter above the layers name in the Layers Studio). If so select that layer, an in Photo Persona tap the ellipsis menu on top and select Rasterise ▸ Rasterise to convert it to a Pixel layer type. You can then use the selection tools as usual.
    Image layers are a special layer type that retains all the original image data - you can think of them as embedded images -. They are created when you use the Place command from the ellipsis menu in Photo Persona. They can be transformed globally (rotated, skewed etc) without losing quality but they cannot be edited/manipulated at a pixel level. For that they must be rasterised first as described above.
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    kamelelmallah got a reaction from Steve. in Official Affinity Photo (iPad) Tutorials   
    Hi dear’s
    I’m looking for training courses like Photoshop or complete guide for app including explanation.
    Videos are great but I need to understand the concept, function and differ for any press
    Thanks for your help    
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    kamelelmallah reacted to DM1 in I feel that I own Ferrari but I can’t use it so do you have any advice?   
    I have found the iPad tutorials to be very helpful. Perhaps you could work through those as they cover many of the basic and advanced features of AP on the iPad.
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    Hi kamelelmallah,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    The Erase Brush Tool is destructive, that is, it removes/deletes the pixels from a layer definitely. If you want to perform this non-destructively you must create a mask which is used to define which parts of the pixel layer (image) will be shown/hidden. You can edit/refine this mask every time you need without affecting the original pixel layer. To do this select the layer you want to work on, then click the second icon on the top of the Layers Studio and select New Mask Layer. Note that a mask layer was added to the layer you selected in the Layers Studio. Tap the small arrow near the layer to expand it, then tap the Mask layer to select it. Now select the Paint Brush Tool, make sure it's colour is set to black and paint on the canvas over the image to "delete" the parts you want. To refine or get some parts back change the colour to white and paint over the areas you want to refine/get back. Resuming, when working with a mask painting with white reveals the image, painting with black conceals. If you paint with mid tones (greyscale) your will get semi-trasnparency.