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  1. March 18th, 2018 and this is still an issue. I know I'm not the only one who would like to use guides. Is this going to be addressed anytime in the future?
  2. Wanted to update my post from earlier and say that my Wacom Intous 5 Touch is causing the same issue to happen with the fans.
  3. Sounds good Chris B. Thank you. If you need my specs let me know. I did post them on that other thread if you have it up. If I could use at least one of the devices I mentioned that would be great.
  4. I'm having an issue when using Affinity Photo or Designer with Astropad connected or a Wacom Intous 5 touch connected, where the fans on my MBPr 15" go on high and stay there until I'm done with the selections and deselect. Once that's done then everything calms down and goes back to normal. This only happens with these devices connected. Using selection tools without them connected there is no issue. Connected to using the selection tools and the fans is that sometimes for no apparent reason the selection tools just won't work at all, but the fans kick on while trying to use them as if they are working. It's bizarre and weird to say the least. Seems like the selection tools are having issues in many ways. I also have Photoshop and there is no issue using the program or it's selection tools with these devices connected. Why would having a drawing device connected to the computer cause this program to struggle with selections? This is a huge problem for it stresses the computer for no reason. I do not want to go back to Adobe products, but cannot stress my very expensive computer on such a simple task all day long. Also, cannot use this program if these tools just don't work for no apparent reason. Please fix this! Thank you for any and all info regarding this issue and for anything you can do to fix it.
  5. I hear you and it is frustrating. Very odd behavior. Hopefully at some point we will figure this out. Have faith.
  6. Yes for me it's using these two programs together. Astropad and Affinity programs with the iPad. I have a mid 2012 MBPr 15" (8GB RAM, 2.3GHz Intel Core i7, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1GB & Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536MB) Seemingly though, when I just use the Affinity by itself without the iPad connected via Astropad then it doesn't happen. I've contacted Astropad about this issue and will relay what they say when I hear. I might just have to try my Wacom Tablet instead to see how that goes.
  7. Yes I am using these products this way, but am running into an issue where the fans run in overdrive when using the selection tools. If you don't use Astropad and use the selections tools there is no issue, but together it's a problem. So for me, needing the selection tools in my workflow, I am unable to use Astropad with Affinity products. Super excited for when Affinity Designer comes to the iPad with no need for being hooked to a computer.
  8. I'm having the same issue. Using latest (Versions 1.6) Affinity Photo and Designer, but whenever I use the selection tool (marching ants) causes the computer to kick fans on high until I get rid of the selection. No matter what size of file. Happens immediately with selections and goes away immediately when getting rid of said selections. This is a huge problem for me to continue to use these apps for selections are a large part of my workflow. Key point in this matter would seem it happens only when used in conjunction with Astropad. If I use the selection tool with Astropad turned off I have no issues. So, perhaps these two programs aren't working well together in this way. Truly hoping this issue can be fixed. They just released an update, but that did nothing for this problem, and by the sounds of this thread it's been going on for awhile now. I don't want to go back to Adobe products, but will have too if such a simple thing cannot be resolved. Will contact Astropad about this and see if there's something they can do.
  9. Recently bought the software, ran into this problem, and your solution for the time being works perfectly. Thanks!
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