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  1. Symphonie

    Create a stroke (Newbie)

    Thank you so much!
  2. Hi, How to draw a square and select fill to transparent and change the stroke color of the shape in ipad? I'm doing social media design and this tool really important for my design. But still can't figure it out where is that. Thanks,
  3. Another question. I don't know what to call this. But in photoshop when i draw with pen tools and create curve. If i want the curve to end before another dot i just press alt in keyboard and press the dot. What about affinity photo in ipad? Do you have any tutorial video about that? thanks
  4. Omg!!! Thanks a lot. It works like magic!
  5. Hi, I just bought ipad pro 10.5 today and just downloaded this incredible apps. I try to play with it all day to make me used to it. Even though I struggle a lot because I'm a newby but I found it is fun and amazing of how much this app can do. I still have many things to learn from this. However, I have a question. How to draw a perfect square shape? And how to scale it without any distortion? Normally in photoshop I just press shift and that's it. So simple. It appears in both shape, object, and picture. It might sounds silly but I have no idea how to deal with this. It made me feel frustrate and bothers me for 2 hrs now. I can't find any forum about this (Or maybe I search the wrong keyword). Please help. Thank you

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