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  1. Why do you not want to tell anyone the colour profile of the source document or what you are setting the pdf output profile to?
  2. That's still not the profile, but anyway if you are getting a result you are happy with that's the main thing
  3. What profile is your source document? What profile is your PDF document? What type of layer is the background (pixel, image etc)?
  4. That looks like some kind of transparency issue. Without seeing the structure of the document it's very difficult to tell. See if you have anything sitting over the top of that layer, try hiding all the layers above the image and export again. If the issue goes away you can then turn them on one by one to find the culprit. For the colour issue, what profile are the images in?
  5. Could it be the PDF contains nothing other than a raster image? Open it it Adobe Reader, see if you can highlight any of the text.
  6. Thanks for the reply. It must have been specific to an Adobe application - the PDF specification doesn't have any facility to specify the black makeup directly. It's all handled with ICC profiles, with a few specific controls for mapping from device grey. The way to manage the black makeup in the final PDF is to properly handle the ICC profiles during creation of the document.
  7. Once you have the document open, does the memory use continue to grow even without adding anything to the document?
  8. That's not correct, everything is embedded in the file. Seems like maybe Affinity has an issue with the nested references (the group references a mask which references a use).
  9. Not if you want the curves to be mirrored as you draw them.
  10. In what application are you viewing them? And to avoid doubt, are they both PDF files?
  11. Random fact, for no reason: most "whiter" paper is actually more blue. One of the things you discover when you have a spectrophotometer. Also, quite a lot of paper has a UV fluorescent in, making it appear brighter. I am a lot of fun at parties.
  12. I can stab in the dark, but realistically you need to converse with your printer.
  13. Try FreeCAD. www.freecadweb.org It does 2D and 3D so it can be a bit daunting at first look, you'll probably need to watch a getting started tutorial. For 2D you use the "sketch" workbench.
  14. Yes, but in that document with the side by side images, what are the exact pixel dimensions of each source image? They by definition are not the exact same image as they are two different formats.
  15. What are the exact pixel dimensions of the PNG and the jpeg images?
  16. 👍 I just noticed I wrote "scale" instead of rotate, glad you got the gist anyway.
  17. Rotate: 0, Shear: 0, then in the height box enter: 115.4694% You can do any editing, including subtract - you have to work directly on the layers of the symbol, everything has to first be within the Symbol group.
  18. Create your object on the flat plane, create a symbol from it and then fit the symbol copy to the iso plane. You then have the best of both worlds.
  19. There's very little to go on with the images you posted. Can you share the actual Affinity file?
  20. Black can either be single channel (100% k) or composite (a mix of CMYK). Your printer likely wants the former, your document is the latter. Make sure the document is in the desired CMYK colour space and profile, then select your text and set it using the sliders to 100%k and export as appropriate.
  21. Rasterise nothing? Haven't checked, but might be the cause as your image will be a raster. Only way for someone to see for sure is if you share the file in question.
  22. Click the top most "export SVG / wrong size" link show above. (The lower link takes you to the start of the thread which you don't want).
  23. Hopefully Graphtec have improved their offering, as before it wasn't just uncomfortable to use, it was simply unfit for purpose.
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