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  1. I wouldn't feel too bad about not knowing it, no one understands colours. Including those who claim to
  2. If you need good and compliant SVG output, you are going to be better off using InkScape. It's no where near as nice to use as Designer, but it is pure SVG from start to finish.
  3. Affinity doesn't fully support SVG, only a subset of it. Blend modes are not supported unfortunately.
  4. It was a while since I used it, so this could be wrong, but when you click "more" on the PNG 8 export don't you then have control over how many colours it includes?
  5. Is your printer set to black and white? Can you print in colour from any other applications?
  6. It shouldn't be "DPI" in the program, it should be "PPI" - pixels per inch. For some reason DPI just carried over from the print world and is now used interchangeably for pixel density.
  7. Are you certain the actual colour representation is off? Is it rounding the values to generate the colour, or simply rounding the display values for the hex? As for the files from Adobe, are you using the exact same profiles in Affinity?
  8. ? The OP states they cannot print from Affinity or preview, the only correct output is from Photoshop with a clipping path. I have RTFM on these printers (was looking to buy one a while ago), you need PostScript support.
  9. I'll try again in case anyone pays any attention, the white toner Oki printers ONLY have PostScript drivers. The PostScript is needed to handle the advanced white options. Affinity does not do PostScript.
  10. Adobe uses PostScript to drive the printer. It's a full programming language, it takes your clip path and processes it within the commands sent to the printer. Affinity does not have PostScript support. Having looked at the manual for your printer, it seems Adobe or a standalone RIP are you only options.
  11. The PDF viewer will usually show a white background, if you open the PDF back into Designer it will show transparent. Did you print directly from Adobe Reader? Not finder or Designer. If that approach didn't work then I don't believe there is anything you can do with Affinity - the printer driver seems to need a clipping path, and with the way Affinity handles printing there is no way to send one.
  12. No, your profile is applied and then behind the scenes it all gets converted to some RGB profile before being sent to the printer. I have complained about this at length. Best thing to do is give up and export to PDF, then print from Adobe Reader.
  13. Put your image into a Designer document as a layer, then use the pen tool/boolean to create the clipped area, then drag the image to be a child of the curves layer. The cadlink RIPs can be seen here: https://www.cadlink.com/product/digitalfactory10/
  14. If the design has no white at all, you should be able to disable the white in the printer settings. I had a look, and it seems the clipping path is needed to knock out white. I'm assuming that it's using PostScript. Have you tried making a clipping path in Designer, exporting to a PDF and then printing from Adobe Reader? If that doesn't work I think you are out of luck. CAD link do some RIPs for the Oki range, but they are not cheap.
  15. You said you export from Designer to PNG. What program do you open that PNG in to then print it?
  16. Open the PDF in Affinity, show a screenshot of the layers panel.
  17. Chadtag is a chromatic adaption table, used when a profile has a white point that differs from the version default. It's seemingly only a very specific configuration of ICC profile that has the issue. It doesn't necessarily affect any other colour managed applications.
  18. I suspect it's an Affinity bug related to profiles that contain a white point element and a chadtag.
  19. You are kind of using the wrong tool for the job, it might suit you better to look into using some genuine CAD software.
  20. RGB profiles should work (CMYK definitely do not). If you export your image (say to pdf) and print using that same profile from a different app (Adobe reader for example) do you get the same result? When you calibrated the display, did you choose the option to use the ambient light sensor?
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