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  1. I don't understand how both of the above can be true, if you aren't resampling on export then the file where you altered the image size should have a different DPI for the images compared to the one with unaltered sizes. Can you post a screenshot of your program with one of the images actively selected, and one of your PDF export settings?
  2. Did you alter the dimensions of the images after placing them in your document? Do you have image resampling turned on in the PDF export settings?
  3. If you can see the PDF fine, and that PDF doesn't print correctly from any application then the problem is 100% nothing to do with Affinity. You need to access the test menu on your printer and run the test print. If that works then check the drivers and the settings within the OS.
  4. Are you downsampling at export? The placed DPI is very large on those images.
  5. At what device pixel ratio? There's no such thing in modern web as a "one size fits all" raster image. You should be using the available browser capability to serve the correct pixel density image.
  6. Designer renders at full quality at all zoom levels, as far as the content allows. Turn on pixel preview and view at 100% zoom. If you want more detail in the exported image, use more pixels.
  7. There's three, maybe four main players in this market. They could standardise anything should they wish to. Failing that, just have proprietary things like history embedded in custom data (PDF allows this already). I'm not so naïve to think any of this would happen, but I'm also not naïve enough to believe that it's only not happening because it's technically impossible - it's not happening because it doesn't make business sense. Anyway, I only really wanted to provide a bit of balance against the view of "Adobe bad" when the whole thread is about V2 having no backwards compatibility. My point on a common file was just a side thought.
  8. Customer lock in. Take a look at the functionality within InkScape (look past it's clunky UI). It does everything imaginable for a vector package. It's file format? SVG. It also happens to be non-profit software and doesn't need to lock in users. Odd no?
  9. PDF can do history, SVG would be harder but not impossible.
  10. ..and Serif has none whatsoever. Additionally, Adobe made the PDF format completely open and I believe it is that part of an Illustrator file that Affinity uses to read them. I'd personally be in favour of all such apps using either PDF or SVG for their native formats, give us proper interoperability.
  11. Yes we should. The answer will be that unlike Adobe, Serif have kept their file details locked down and won't allow any third party to have the technical details. It's great to have Serif in the market, but let's not pretend they are anything other than a profit making business who are doing what is best for their bottom line. That includes using a "new" file format for V2, which will push people to upgrade.
  12. They are different images, the beagle has a lot less white space than the other one. The file size is affected by the image contents, not just the dimensions.
  13. I wrote some software in the past to deal with QR codes, hence my familiarity with them. They are easy to spot by the three registration regions (the square in a box in three corners) which other barcode types don't have. They are quite sophisticated, with various options for data handling like how much error correction is included etc. Denso Wave were the inventors and they made the spec free for anyone to use.
  14. Could everyone please stop triggering my OCD by calling this a QR code 🤣
  15. Technically that isn't a QR code, it's a "2D" barcode. In any case, not everyone operates in a perfect world where they can control the source artwork that they have to work with.
  16. There are too many variables involved. How is it included in the website? What browser? Is the user using a zoom in the browser? What resolution screen do they have? Is the website serving the raw SVG or pre-processing it? The list goes on. From what others have shown of the SVG file itself, it doesn't look to be a problem with how it's being generated.
  17. Another point to bear in mind is what monitor resolution it is being viewed on. Not everyone will be seeing the same quality.
  18. Agree completely. Not sure how anyone can look at Serif offering a suite of desktop publishing + photo editing + vector drawing and come to the conclusion that they are no way competing with Adobe which offers desktop publishing + photo editing + vector drawing. Unless it's meant as an insult to what Serif can achieve, like if I was to line up next to Usain Bolt I'd be competing against him, but I wouldn't be competition for him.
  19. It's probably used a lot less since CC has become more widely adopted. I remember using it quite a lot, different companies and freelancers had various versions available and it made collaborating fairly straightforward. People have given good reason for needing it, maybe it is just a small percentage of the user base. I get the business logic of it, they are a small team and lots of other things people want are still not implemented. At the same time, maybe fostering some goodwill wouldn't hurt. In any case, from a technical standpoint it's possible and exists in other software.
  20. That's a straw man argument. Are you saying that people are very unhappy that Adobe lets them save for older versions? It's a business decision. Time versus return. I'd wager there's also an element of "carrot and stick" about it all. The great new features are the carrot, and for those who don't have a need for the new features, well then there's the stick to help them along 😃
  21. V1 does the same, it's nothing to do with kerning. There's an option in the export for "use longer t spans" which fixes it.
  22. Show a screenshot of the colour tab under document setup. What you have described should work, so something is wrong somewhere.
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