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  1. Both good points. I've held off updating to 1.9 because I don't know what new bugs await and not sure if the little annoyances from before are fixed. I've decided it's better the devil you know. There is a "known issues" sticky, but it's far from comprehensive and only lists things that they have fixed (as in introduced in 1.9 and fixed). A public bug tracker could have it's downsides, more pressure on the no doubt already stretched team, but I think it would be a positive step for the users.
  2. I'm not sure on the specifics, I've just pieced together this from what little has been said and some of the developer info from Apple that mentions JavaScript engines and that JIT flag. It's a pity there isn't more detailed official information. Wholeheartedly agree with this. I think the test plan is somewhat ad-hoc at best. I've been using the software long enough to have seen a few of the major releases, and I now double check every now and then to ensure automatic updates are not enabled.
  3. In a different thread they said this slow start up is down to them embedding a browser in the app, which is used for the welcome screen and user account. I believe it allows them an easy way to keep those parts updated, as they can just put fresh html content on the server and the app will fetch and display it. The new Apple malware check is more intrusive in this use case as the app (via the embedded browser) has a JavaScript engine and can execute arbitrary code.
  4. I see, that sounds like a pain! I've not tested those tools mentioned, but check to see if they use the profiles you need, otherwise you will be getting values that aren't accurate.
  5. Have you tried ungrouping first, so nothing is nested? Just a thought, I've not tried it myself.
  6. Mystery solved. Embedded browser. Maybe this can be changed in the future to a native interface?
  7. I think the key part is the "JIT" mentioned, it seems the Affinity apps are packaged in a way that requires some "Just In Time" compilation - executable instructions written at run time. Understably the Apple malware checker freaks out a bit about that * * this is all just based on my own assumptions about what has been stated. I don't know for sure about this.
  8. That was my point, a pdf is the standard format for print work so those people wouldn't be looking to export a mm-unit svg. What specific software are you loading your svg files in to? Unless it refuses to load files defined in pixels then you should be able to work directly with the files from Affinity without having to convert them with other software first. This point about units in the export has been raised a few times before, it's on Serif's radar. I wouldn't pin your hopes on anything happening with it soon. If you have as you say loads of files that you have to work from t
  9. Rather than inspecting and copy-pasting values, can you not create a custom palette to match the brand guidelines and work using that?
  10. It's going to be painful, but you can load your svg files into Inkscape (which is free) and export from there to have your mm units. Your export settings from Affinity need to be correct to load in at the proper sizes: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/109961-export-svg-wrong-size/&do=findComment&comment=727443 In fairness to Serif, you are using the wrong tool for the job - it's a vector art package, not a CAD drafting program.
  11. Do you still have the source documents from 2019? If so you could check the colour setup of those to see if there is some difference versus your new file.
  12. This happens a lot when opening / creating a new document when previously working in a different one. The last tool used in the previous document shows as selected with the cursor icon for it, but it acts like the move tool (the default for a new/opened doc).
  13. The argument made that blend modes aren't used as they are only supported via CSS is a bit weak when their current export uses css for the fill colour, stroke, font-family etc. when these are things that can be set as native properties of an SVG element.
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