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  1. If it's a laser, Mondi do a good uncoated range with a choice of weights so you can find one that will run.
  2. Well I see your point, but it kind of falls down when there are two support staff posting in the "How many people work on Affinity" thread. I'm not saying they should have time for an immediate answer, but a quick post to acknowledge this thread has been seen and is being looked into surely isn't too much to ask? This is after all the official support for paying customers.
  3. Interestingly this is now a "hot" topic with over 60 replies, yet still not an official word from Serif staff.. Hopefully one will be along shortly to say whether this is by design (and why) or if it's a bug that's on their radar
  4. Turn on snapping, use the pen tool set to line mode. Set the stroke to 100k and a sensible line thickness, draw the crop marks
  5. I don't have Publisher, but I have done business cards through Designer. For the crop marks I just used simple lines set to 100%k. For front to back alignment it will all depend on your printer. You will need to adjust your file depending on how the print comes out (e.g. if rear is off by 1mm on x axis, move your rear content over by 1mm in your document). The real fun part is how consistent (or not) your printer is on it's positioning...
  6. It seems that hidden bleed is the new 'Bleed preview' feature..
  7. BofG

    Musing and wondering

    People have asked before, the reply has always been that there are no plans to support exporting to a legacy format.
  8. The email could have been worded a bit better, sort of reads like "hey 1.7 is here, get it for 20% off". The fact it's free to the existing members is hidden a bit in the small print (which I actually missed at first). Still, nice it's here
  9. Thanks for the update, nice to know I've been of use. It doesn't happen often
  10. Stranger things have happened On the assumption it is UK, it depends on your revenue level and accounting method. Under £1k and it won't be liable for tax, but you cannot claim any expenses. Over £1k and if using the cash basis accounting method then you can claim it as an expense, if you are not using cash basis then it has to be claimed as a capital allowance. Given how little it costs it would be claimed under AIA in one hit. See here on HMRC for the details: https://www.gov.uk/expenses-if-youre-self-employed * I am in no way a tax expert and the above may be complete nonsense.
  11. Hi Isaac, where in the world are you?
  12. @Alfred's similar approach outlined above saves a few clicks. If you have a lot of objects to deal with, it might* work if you export to svg and choose flatten transforms in the export options. Then open and use that file for the final export. * I haven't actually tried this, but I believe it would work.
  13. It's an annoying quirk, the reset option really should be permanent. A work around is to draw a new shape, select that and your rotated object, union (Add in context menu) then divide and delete the shape you added. The rotated object will now have it's bounding box reset.
  14. @Less the development team just seem to have a lot on their hands. Expanded into iPad versions, Publisher, still plenty of things on the roadmap that are pending and have been for years etc. They seem to be spread too thin to make any big strides with any one of the Affinity apps at the moment. One particular bug with printing, cmyk printer profiles not working in AD, has been around since Jan 2017. I've not tried the beta though so maybe that's fixed? I think a lot of people only create for digital use though, so print functionality probably isn't high on the agenda, and there are lots of features people are crying out for that will get the attention first. It could be argued that if someone wants pro-level print output they should be looking at a standalone RIP anyway.
  15. As far as I am aware the licence isn't transferrable. If you have a Mac licence, then you get the Mac version only. Ditto for Windows.