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  1. It's "AutoHotkey" - an application that runs on Windows and allows scripting to carry out actions through controlling mouse and keyboard inputs. (e.g. it can move the mouse to an x,y position, generate a click etc.) You would be able to scale and rotate an object automagically easy enough, if skew can be done with a number input rather than a mouse drag that should be straightforward too.
  2. I've cobbled together a few functions using auto hot key on Windows. "Cobbled" being the operative word as it's not exactly an elegant approach
  3. Perhaps if you post your ICC profiles here some of the friendly Mac users would give them a try, help you to narrow down the problem.
  4. Are they both RGB profiles? I'm not sure if it's in anyway related, but I know that AD won't load printer profiles if they are CMYK (I can't remember if it was just Windows or Mac as well - it's a bug that is known to the devs).
  5. Do you have "Show Selection in Layers Panel" checked in Edit > Preferences > User Interface?
  6. The "context" menu isn't labelled as such, it's simply the area above the drawing space. It shows different buttons depending on what is selected. When you have text selected, the button you want is near the top right of the screen. As noted by v_kyr, it's called 'convert to curves', I had it wrong before. If you cannot see the button then just use the 'layers' menu from the top of the screen as suggested above.
  7. When you select the text with the arrow tool, the context menu at the top of the application will show a button labelled 'create outlines'. That does exactly what you are after.
  8. @walt.farrell that's a fair point, actually in the pdf guide in the op it does mention using RGB output. (I always find that odd, given that a printer by definition has to use the CMYK scheme at the end). My advice above can safely be ignored (like much of my advice in general )
  9. Assuming you are on Windows. It should work if you do the following: 1. Install the icc profile (right click the file, select 'install..') 2. Set Windows to apply the profile to your printer. Win +R (for run), type "colorcpl.exe", select your printer, Add.. your colour profile and set as default. 3. Set your printer driver colour management to use host system. If that's not an option, choose application colour management. (not sure how exactly it would be worded in your driver). 4. In Affinity print dialogue, choose 'printer manages colour'.
  10. Have you tried setting [paper size] in the AP print dialogue to "defined by driver"? I've had problems like this too, sometimes switching to a different size, then to the driver size puts it straight (although that is with Designer not Photo).
  11. @Dan C Thanks for the update :)
  12. It seems like they are acting as if they are num-pad keys 4&6 (I'd bet up/down would give you symbols too). Is there any kind of num-lock type function with the keyboard, like to make a set of the keys work like they are the num pad? Also if there's an "fn" type key I'd try holding that down whilst doing the key press to see what happens. I don't know of any concrete way to fix the issue though, sorry! (well, aside from plugging in a full-size keyboard )
  13. Are you using the right arrow that's on the num pad? If I use that I get a symbol, if using the dedicated arrow keys I do not.
  14. Hi @Dan C, did you have a chance to take a look at this?
  15. Seems like this has been noted before just over two years ago... In case anyone else comes across this problem, you can use the cmyk profiles through Windows colour management, you don't need to print through a different application. Win+R (for run), type "colorcpl.exe", select your printer, Add.. your profile and set as default. It's not as easy as setting a dropdown in the print dialouge.