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  1. Hi @jimos87, there's a number of things it could be, but first you need to give a bit more info: Which OS are you using? What colour management (i.e. WCM, application, printer driver, colorsync)? What colour space/profile is the document in? What paper are you printing to? Does the printer's test print show any issues?
  2. Hi @Dan C, thanks for the update. It's a shame as the only profiling devices I've seen that can generate RGB print profiles cost a small fortune. Using a CMYK print profile doesn't work as there's that conversion to RGB being done (by GDI? and I'm still none the wiser as to where the profile is taken from). Given that there's now now ambiguity as to whether CMYK output is possible, I think this sales copy needs addressing. A printer is a perfectly valid end point for a design.
  3. This might help on Windows (it forces the app to use the previous pen support): It's a shame that these updates are still rolling out without being properly tested. Edit: the above link seems to not work, maybe this one will:
  4. They mentioned wintab, so maybe they use a tablet on the Mac too, just thought that might be why they have issues and you don't. I've been considering a Wacom One lately, so been following what people on here say about things related, and there have been a few people with issues on 1.8.4 who have had to either roll back or force the old pen behaviour to overcome an issue with bad lagging.
  5. Seems like it might be related to that, although it's only the Windows version that states a change to how tablets are implemented (a change for the worse it would seem).
  6. @R C-R are you using a Wacom tablet? @katixy I agree with your developer message. I use Affinity for my business, it's a key peice of software. When v1.8 hit there were issues that completely stopped me from being able to work (adding an artboard destroyed the positioning of all elements, and the boolean functions were broken. I produce files to run on a plotter, without those two functions the software was useless). Serif's response to me was akin to shrugged shoulders - they offered me a small discount so I could buy a non-appstore version to downgrade. It seems like the pre-release testing is still run like a plucky startup, where users are expect to be curious hobbyists and bugs are something to be dealt with later. The suite has moved beyond that - there needs to be a realisation that this is now genuine business software, and releases should be thoroughly tested. There are bugs that are affecting me that have apparently been addressed, but I just don't trust that there won't be other issues so I'm staying away from updating.
  7. From the release notes: Removed "Windows Ink" option, and replaced with high precision WinTab support Clearly this was intentional, why was it not properly tested?
  8. Sound advice! This is my approach, I'm still sore from 1.8. (and yes, I did sort of mis-quote you )
  9. Unless the SVG files contain raster images, then they should be relatively small files. Even with 500 the total will probably only reach a few Mb.
  10. There's no automated way to do that in Designer as far as I'm aware. I think the best you could do is set a document up with a custom guides grid, then drop each file in one by one and snap to the grid. You mention scritping, if you have any knowledge of JavaScript it would be quite a straightforward thing to do (either with Node or in a browser).
  11. Any of the blend modes cause complete rasterisation on output to SVG or PDF. All of the blend modes bar erase are actually natively supported in the SVG spec, so it's a shame Affinity doesn't use them on export for those. I've not specifically checked PDF for blend mode support.
  12. Not acutally a Wacom user, but I was checking the release notes and it has this point: Removed "Windows Ink" option, and replaced with high precision WinTab support ..is there some setting for the Wacom that needs to take this into account?
  13. That's good Part of me thinks that blend modes and layer effects should be in the pixel persona, as they all prevent pure vector output, but that only becomes apparent on export. (Unless I'm missing some "hey this will be rasterised" notification somewhere?)
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