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  1. Apology accepted. Frustration gets the better of us all some times. Something to try which might help - hide all of your layers, then unhide one at a time and view the export window each time - if it says things will be rasterised then you at least know what part to look at. It's usually layer FX, blend modes or brushes that cause it.
  2. People give their time free, to offer what help they can. You have come along and done nothing but add pointless negativity towards those who have made positive contributions. Whether those contributions meet your standards is irrelevant, you aren't in charge of anything here. If you are frustrated because there's an aspect of vector exports that you don't understand, you can ask details about it and people will help. I personally won't, because I don't appreciate your attitude.
  3. Last time I checked, Photos (assuming you are referring to the built in image viewer for Windows) isn't colour managed at all. How does the exported image look if opened in Designer? What colour profile shows for the document there?
  4. I've never seen any software that allows you to specify the font size according to cap height. Do you know of any? I think you will have to do it manually.
  5. I'm fairly certain that all art focused software uses bezier curves, so you won't get a perfect circle in any of them. If you want to create precise technical drawings then you need to look at CAD software instead.
  6. It has no stroke width defined at all so technically it has a stroke width of 1px as mandated by the specification, but with no stroke colour it's not drawn.
  7. You need at least a stroke colour assigned, otherwise it's a non-paintable element so doesn't get drawn. Seems that Affinity doesn't set a colour if the width is set to zero.
  8. The SVG spec defines the initial value for stroke width as 1px, so there's no need to specify it if that's the actual value that you want (you just have to set a colour for it to be paintable).
  9. You can easily create the file that v_kyr provided in Affinity designer. So it does work, you are just not preparing the file correctly. Open the attached "simple-file.afdesign". Export to svg using these settings: simple-file.afdesign svg-output.svg
  10. How do you know this? At this point, you really do need to attach your svg file. There's only so much that guesswork can achieve. It doesn't have to be your artwork, just make a simple file as an example.
  11. For SVG a three digit code is perfectly valid and should be converted by replicating the digits by the reading program. F00 is FF0000. 0AB would be 00AABB. Affinity seems to be doing some form of padding that defies all logic when typing into the hex field. It does read the SVG correctly though.
  12. On the SVG export options, check "use hex colours" and see if that works. If it doesn't, post the exported SVG here.
  13. Why not try step by step? Take the problem page, hide everything on it, export it individually and upload that to KDP. Then add in one layer at a time until you hit the issue. On your latest screenshot there's all kinds of things extending into and beyond that red marked area. It's easy to think their system is the problem, but when it's such an often used process it's unlikely that it's fundamentally broken.
  14. There's no such thing as a hexadecimal colour. That's just three numbers, the r,g, and b components. The colour that breakdown will represent is determined by the colour profile. You need to find out what profile your colleague used for the conversion. The Pantone swatch is a specific colour, so to get different results you have to be using different document colour profiles.
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