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  1. Can you post a pic of the colour settings in the source Affinity document? Is there a colour setting in Photoshop for the actual document as well as those defaults that you showed? If you open the png in Affinity does it show the same colour value as the source or is it the same as in Photoshop?
  2. I'm afriad I can't help, I don't know how it all works on MacOS. There must be some way of setting that ColorSync profile from "default" to you actual profile, hopefully someone who knows how will drop by soon.
  3. Can you edit those settings or is that just a list of information?
  4. That's a printer profile that you have, so you shouldn't be applying it to your document. It's to be applied in the print output only. Hit print, then have a good look around on there to see if you can find where to apply a profile. I wish I could help more but I've literally never seen a MacOS print dialogue in my life
  5. I'm afraid I don't know exactly how it is on MacOS. I think there's just a "ColorSync" button on the print dialogue. @Dan C can you assist? I'm curious as to how you applied that ICC profile before, as I thought that was done through ColorSync?
  6. The changes in the values could be down to: a) A change of the colour profile of the source document b) Exporting the pdf using a colour profile different to the source document c) Exporting to a non 'X' based PDF (which yours is) or embedding the ICC a) & b) above cause the colours to be re-calculated and hence they end up different. If you embed the ICC in the non "X" type pdf if causes the issue. I don't really know why it does as it messes thing up even if it's the same profile as the actual document. If your source document still has the correct colour makeups, then export to the default "PDF/X4" and it should be fine. If the colours in your source document have already been altered then you will have to manually fix them.
  7. I couldn't find the profile, but looking at the printer it must be an RGB one so that should be fine with Affinity. Does the image look different between the two apps on screen, or is it just the print that is off? Are both applications showing the same profile for the image? (in document setting, colour on Affinity) I'm not a MacOS user, but does Affinity give you the option to have it manage colours? Or do you have to use the ColorSync system? If you've been happy with the print output from PS there's no need for any calibration devices, it's just a setting messed up somewhere (although Adobe does have a slightly better print output in general).
  8. I'm probably talking nonsense, but on Windows you can get a "tool-less" view by pressing tab. I think holding ctrl whilst starting the program will give you an option to reset it which might help.
  9. I won't trouble you, was just if you knew off the top of your head. I'll take a look on the Adobe website, I want to get my head around all the acrobat functions anyway, I might have to subscribe to it for a bit to see what it's like. Overall though I do think Affinity could use some improvements in this area. Would be nice to have a more featured pdf output where it's all less ambiguous.
  10. Thanks, interesting to see. I'm mostly just musing - I don't need to produce such a file. I fell into the hole of colour management when I got a small digital press, and I couldn't get accurate colours to print from Designer (it turned out that Designer cannot send cmyk data). From there I've just taken an interest, and there's a wealth of knowledge in the members here so I like to get involved and try to learn more. With acrobat, can you specify the colour model as well? So can you take a pdf and convert the actual colour data to a new profile, as well as setting the output intent?
  11. Some large format machines now have additional inks (orange being a common one) which takes it beyond any CMYK gamut. I guess the RIP is free to ignore the output intent and work from the RGB ICC colours directly from the document. That could mean though that what comes out doesn't match what a normal reader shows, because the reader will likely apply the output intent.
  12. Interestingly (or confusingly).. in that document it states: "All PDF/X formats require that an output intent is defined (see “Technical side and requirements of PDF/X”, page 7 that uses an ICC profile to characterize the intended output. Output intents use normally CMYK ICC profiles, but for PDF/X-4 or PDF/X-3 that can also be RGB or even Gray profiles." So you can have an RGB output intent in a pdf/x-4, but if you try that in Affinity you get SWOP. The PDF spec does mention though that such a thing is for pdf/a, but I think there was a statement saying pdf/x specifications take precedence if there's a conflict in the documentation. So now I'm back to square one, maybe I'll have to find the officially official pdf/x-4 spec and find out for sure, unless someone here knows the definitive answer and can save me the effort
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