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  1. I'm sure I replied to this but I don't see it.
  2. I have been thinking maybe I do not have an affinity store account for my gmail address even though I purchased affinity photo through my gmail, I don't know if that makes sense or not, I was just wondering if that is a possibility since I can find affinity designer on my yahoo mail. I just cannot get my gmail address to be found or recognized. That seems to be the problem or at least part of the problem.
  3. Thank you, that makes it more confusing, How can I tell which one to go to? anyway I'll keep trying.
  4. Thanks for trying Alfred, I tried and changed my password but cannot log in, I get the message that I am not found at my gmail address.
  5. I went to https://store.serif.com/account/downloads could not login so changed my password but I am not recognized.
  6. I went to https://store.serif.com/account/downloads could not login so changed my password but I am not recognized.
  7. I have tried over and over but still cannot re-download Affinity Photo.
  8. Thank you Callum If I need to login to the forum again I cannot find the login page nor my password. I also cannot find my missing download, previously I had logged in to the forum through Affinity Designer. So how can I re-download Affinity Photo since I also cannot find my email confirmation either? This whole thing is driving me nuts. I have been working on this for days. Any assistance is appreciated. any
  9. I am trying. Thank you for your reply. Is the website serif.com?
  10. Sorry but I recently purchased affinity photo but my purchase is not listed, I have also purchased some time ago affinity designer which is OK, however I need to re-download affinity photo on my windows 10 computer. Apps and features show Affinity photo but when I look for the program it is not there. I get a message "the program has been moved or deleted" actually I did neither. I found an exe but it will not run. Please help I would really like to get this problem solved.. if need be I can email additional informationin at least what little I have.. Larry Leiker
  11. Thanks Friksel, I wondered about that at the time, hopefully I took care of it.
  12. Another thing, my user name is wrong, it should be Delineator.
  13. Thanks Lee D went there but all I get is cannot find that account in the affinity store.if this helps I had saved this information.
  14. I am having a problem with my affinity account. I cannot log in. I purchased affinity photo last or earlier this month so now own affinity designer and did own and affinity photo. Anyway I cannot seem to locate my program or email. I have hunted and hunted but it seems to be gone. all I get is or had gotten is the program seems to have been moved or deleted. I don't believe I did either so need to re-download the program. Please help, I guess that's what I get for cleaning my system. Affinity Designer is still OK but affinity photo is missing. Larry Leiker larryleiker02@gmail.com