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  1. Ahh - thank you so much for the tips gentlemen - life is easy when you know what you are doing.
  2. Now for some reason I can't make a selection - here's a short video of my attempt - obviously I managed before as shown by the picture above but now the selection process has quit working for me - why? ScreenRecording_11-14-2017 18:11.mp4
  3. Having made the selection of the baby's head, is it possible to cut it out of the picture and paste it into another Affinity Photo document?
  4. Yes I am using the iPad pencil. You will note on the video that I am applying, or trying to, shading to the third circle on the right and all this stuff keeps popping in from the L and R side of the screen everytime the pencil contacts the screen. Notice too, the brush parameters bar at the bottom of the screen, it would be nice to have this disappear too. ScreenRecording_10-28-2017 08:03.mp4
  5. Apple iPad Pro 10.5-Inch (Wi-Fi Only) 256 GB - iOS 11.0.3 Thanks for your input. Those are the answers to your queries. I just bought the iPad this summer. Even now as I attempt to use the pencil I am getting this Macros form continually popping in from the left side of the screen and I then have to press on the little square with the 2 tiny arrows in the top right corner to make it go away. But even then the paintbrush parameters on the bottom remain denying me the full screen that I want. Like I said, once I am ready to draw and have input the settings, I want access to the entire screen without these incessant interruptions. Maybe this isn't possible with Affinity - let me know.
  6. I like to use Affinity to scribble and draw. However, when I am drawing I am constantly (inadvertently I may add) setting off the color wheel, the layers, the paintbrush options at the bottom and somehow even the Save dialog box. So all these things keep popping out from the bottom and the sides of the screen and I even manage to activate the Save dialog page frequently. Very annoying ! Is there a way, once I have set all my paintbrush parameters, to keep all this stuff from popping out so I can have the entire iPad surface to draw on?
  7. Thanks fellows - I do see now that indeed it is the color picker tool. Mystery solved. Yes, the restart of the app did indeed to the trick - following the restart, the symbol disappeared.
  8. I have no idea whether it's the "show centre" symbol or not. I don't even know what the "show centre" function does. The circle / square symbol is always there no matter what I do. I would like to get rid of it.
  9. What is that big circle with the tiny square in the middle? What does it do and how can I get rid of it? I must have pressed something inadvertently because it suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
  10. No - I am using the Smart Selection brush tool no question about that but I do have a few more questions though. Snap to Edges button - dark and light, I can't figure out which one is what - Off or On - they should have made the contrast between the 2 modes much more evident. Increasing the tolerance slightly? I don't even see this option when using the smart selection brush tool - the only options at the bottom of the page in this mode are - add/subtract, width, snap to edges, all layers - nothing with tolerance << press to select the remaining area of the face. >> meaning? - press hard on the pencil or with a finger?
  11. So I am trying to select just the baby's head in this photo using the Smart Selection brush tool. Instead of giving me roughly the shape of her head in one line - I am getting these 2 concentric circles which are useless. Why aren't I getting just a single line circle?
  12. Thanks Stanley - very helpful instructions especially with the accompanying photos. I'll certainly give the tips you have presented a try. As to why am I doing this? It's simply a learning exercise as I am (surprise! surprise!} new to the app and wanted to work with a complex background as a learning exercise. No point in trying to use the selection tools when there is blue sky in the background. If I can get the selection process to work with this kind of background, I will be a master of the process. Then I can go on to everything else that I don't know!
  13. the tick box on the refinement tool? where would this be?
  14. Here's the situation. I am in the Selection persona. I have used the smart selection brush and the refinement brush to select the face in the photo that I want. How can I cut this selection out while staying in the Selection persona? I know that the cut command is in the Photo persona but if I switch from the Selection to the Photo, I seem to lose my refinement so it's important that I stay in Selection when I want to cut my selection for use in another document.
  15. Stanley - you must be a real artist - my second attempt is even worse than the first. When you use the Smart Selection brush, do you fiddle around quite a bit with the Add and Subtract modes to fit the selection exactly to your subject? I find these 2 modes a bit touchy to use - the Add will sometimes shoot the outline way past the face and the Subtract will bring the outline well within the face. Very difficult, at least for me, to get the outline to coincide exactly with the subjects face (as you can see in the photo below)
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