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    Oval got a reaction from mfarooqi in Text Anti-aliasing Method   
    So after some time has passed now, how exactly can we achieve sharp text? Can we get examples where small text does not lose so much more quality than in other apps? … Please? … Only theory?
    In practice, we and Affinity couldn’t even get close to PSE:

    (something for hobbyists)  42× :-(
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    Oval reacted to Sean P in Too many nodes   
    Hi Oval,

    Thanks for letting us know - I'll get this passed on to development.
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    Oval reacted to >|< in Locking Guides discussion (split)   
    You argued against it being provided, so be happy that it's not cluttering up your menus
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    Oval reacted to paolo.limoncelli in Locking Guides discussion (split)   
    I se
    I second that...
    Maybe the quickest way to present it (at least the one in my mind) is generating an abstract "layer", so you can hide/show/lock/nest it just as we do with Adjustments. Also you could add multiple ones per artboard or canvas, depending on the layer you want to use. 
    It could be very interesting to extend the concept to grids too... 
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    Oval reacted to haakoo in Locking Guides discussion (split)   
    Maybe like they do in Xara;
    There is a separate guides-layer in the layers panel with off/on and lock switch.
    You can even draw or drag lines/objects onto this layer to create irregular or diagonal guides.
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    Oval reacted to Old Bruce in Locking Guides discussion (split)   
    I misread this as "...needs placing carefully in the UK.
    Man that Brexit thing is harsh.
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    Oval reacted to ronnyb in Ruler origin issues in v1.7.0.7   
    Yes it would be great to be able to set the ruler’s origin with any tool. It’s the corner of the 2 rules, the origin, which enables the action, not any specific tool...
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    Oval reacted to Ben in Power Duplicate should have a panel   
    Yes... it should.
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    Oval got a reaction from AvesNoctis in German review of Publisher beta   
    Serif kommuniziert zwar beispielsweise vollmundig »advanced typography, aber ohne die fehlenden, aber notwendigen Grundfunktionen lassen sich InDesign-Nutzer wohl sehr lange nicht überzeugen. Nur noch wenige Profis gleichen jede Überschrift händisch aus und erstellen manuell grafisch korrekten Flattersatz. Das müsste Software eigentlich automatisieren – vier Jahre nach dem angekündigten Erscheinungstermin.
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    Oval reacted to Patrick Connor in Inline Graphics & Anchors to objects   
    We appreciate that you and many others here have had to cope with the long wait for Publisher thank you for your continued support and patience through your frustrations .
    Nope, no teasing. When ready this feature will be with testers almost immediately.
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    Oval reacted to ernie-f in Inline Graphics & Anchors to objects   
    We are talking here about professional DTP software. So you can/must also expect professional functions.
    The anchoring of graphics is such a function and was e. g. supported by PageStream at the beginning of the 1990s in the first version.
    Word, Openoffice and other word processors offer the anchoring of graphics, images and objects and I expect this from a professional DTP program.
    Serif showed with PagePlus that they can do that. Why are such functions not planned and implemented right from the start?
    As a professional I need and expect these functions, after all I also like to pay more for good software.
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    Oval reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    not helpful or relevant. Please stop
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    Oval reacted to firstdefence in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    "Unavailable" said when you have a cold. 
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    Oval reacted to walt.farrell in Table of Contents trouble   
    Remember that Publisher is a free beta release of a new product. It is not yet complete, and lacks a number of features that it will eventually have. However, even the first retail version will probably lack features that some users will consider critical. 
    It should not be used for production purposes at this point, anyway. And if it's missing something you need, you should just use the tool you would have used before you had Publisher available to play with.
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    Oval reacted to jamesholden in Affinity Designer feature roadmap   
    I am somewhat confused, can you by any chance please quote what you were responding to?
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    Oval reacted to Bri-Toon in Affinity Designer feature roadmap   
    Sorry. I meant to quote Jamesholden.
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    Oval reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Designer feature roadmap   
    IMHO I think we should make a new post linking to this and vice-versa (and perhaps locking this thread), and include the "as of" going forward in the new thread.
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    Oval reacted to walt.farrell in Affinity Designer feature roadmap   
    As you didn't quote anything, it's difficult to know what you found interesting
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    Oval got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Designer feature roadmap   
    Welkom hier, Gomke!
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    Oval got a reaction from hawk in Arrowheads: A few additions to the feature, maybe?   
    The happy kitten deliberately wrote the code so that users can define their own curves and offset positions … look here.
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    Oval reacted to firstdefence in Arrowheads: A few additions to the feature, maybe?   
    Nice to know we have forward thinking Devs that can read my mind. 
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    Oval got a reaction from hawk in Arrowheads: A few additions to the feature, maybe?   
    The happy kitten deliberately wrote the code so that users can define their own curves and offset positions … look here.
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    Oval got a reaction from Stokestack in Wow, tabs in text do not work right.   
    Because we have tab stops in AD we should get a better usability (same level like other functions) otherwise it is criticized.
    Don’t (only) speak, convince.  
    And Sean, is there still hope for optical tab stops (e.g. the H [aitch] would exactly start/end/center at the tab stop position)? That would be an USP.
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    Oval reacted to MattP in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (   
    Status: Beta
    Purpose: Features, Improvements, Fixes
    Requirements: Purchased Affinity Designer
    Mac App Store: Not submitted
    Download: Here
    SPECIAL NOTE: The files created by this new version of Designer will not be compatible with earlier version of Affinity (Designer, Photo or Publisher). You will need to wait for an update to Publisher or Photo 1.7 Beta for compatibility! Please do not use this version if you will be adversely affected by this temporary lack of cross-product compatibility!
    We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the beta of Affinity Designer 1.7 for macOS.
    Designer 1.7 is a significant change to the currently shipping 1.6 version. Files edited in this version will not be backwards-compatible with the shipping 1.6 version. As such, we would not recommend using this 1.7 version for critical or production work at this stage. It is inevitable that there were will be a number of issues with 1.7 but we hope these will be minor and aim to resolve any issues very quickly, so please use it and explore the new features, but also do keep in mind that you may find snags and we would appreciate your help with finding and reporting these to us.
    If this is your first time using a customer beta of an Affinity app, it’s worth noting that the beta will install as a separate app - alongside your store version. They will not interfere with each other at all and you can continue to use the store version for critical work without worry.
    It’s also worth noting that we aren’t done yet - we are still working through reported bugs from previous releases and hope to fix as many as possible before the final release of 1.7.
    With all that said, we hope that you will enjoy the new capabilities introduced in this initial release and we look forward to any and all feedback you give to us.
    Many thanks,
    Please refer to previous beta updates for a full list of all changes to date. This latest update builds on the changes and also includes the following changes:
    Appearance panel should now work correctly on older version of macOS
    Arrowhead flyout should draw better for older versions of macOS
    Pen and Node Tool changes:
         - Hit-test the on-curve nodes in preference to off-curve nodes
         - Added ability to redrag any selected node in the Pen tool
         - Click an end curve node in the Pen tool to remove any trailing handle (so the next segment will be a cusp), Alt/Option-click it to remove leading and trailing off-curve handles
         - Improvements to restart drag (holding space bar)
        - Create straight line segments when starting new curves with Ctrl pressed during the drag
         - Node Tool selection box mode acts like the normal mode if only one node is selected
    Point Transform Tool tweaks - dragging the object anywhere inside it will snap the focal point rather than attempt to snap the object box - very useful tweak
    "Lock Guides" added to the menus: This affects both tool and ruler editing/creation of guides
    PDF import fixes
    On-document Grid 'widget' (to adjust origin and scale) now only offers full editing in Move Tool (to remove accidental adjustments in other creation tools) and only if the document doesn't have a cube grid setup
    Fix for Printing constraint group objects with multiple lines/fills
    Fill flyout no longer has a 'None' tab - instead this is just replaced with a simple 'None' button next to the colour picker on that flyout
    Assets panel now allows items to be expanded again (oops!) ...  
    Lines with arrowheads are now drawn correctly in the context menu line preview area
    Multiple lines with arrowheads will now draw each arrowhead in the wireframe outline view mode
    Gradient fills on a stroke with arrowheads now draws correctly
    Polycurve objects now correctly draw arrowheads on each of the curves
    Temporarily remove the 'construction mode' button in Node and Pen tools.. construction mode will return in a different form in the future!
    Fix for entering font name in the search area of the font dropdown causing the text to overlay the font name previously shown!
    Note: I am still aware of a temporary change which caused reduced performance on certain large documents and incorrectly rasterised vector exports. This will be dealt with shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime  
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    Oval reacted to Jens Krebs in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    No worries, it's a beta and if there weren't any hiccups, something with the beta concept didn't work properly ... just happy you found the issue and fixed it.