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  1. It shows the rotation visually and mathematically. Sorry, we cannot understand what you are missing. Perhaps it is OK for you if you just group the shape temporarily? HTH Other apps are not AD.
  2. We only were astonished that nobody answered zing0714 for such a long time, not that it was not implemented. A simple “Arrowheads are on our C F R I” (where it still is) some weeks later would have been great.
  3. Yes, he and we knew that. But for about 1.5 years zing0714 and “lots people” need “arrows at the ends of lines … NOT only … the arrow tools!!!!!” as you can see in his attached screenshots.
  4. Mann bekommt ja in AD und AP Infos wie Auflösung und Pixelangaben der platzierten Bilder angezeigt. Weißt Du nicht wo oder traust Du den Angaben nicht? Es gibt einige PDF-Editoren, die auch fast alle Infos zu den enthaltenen Bildern liefern, allerdings sind die meisten kostenintensiver als AP. Vielleicht testest Du deshalb kostenlose Vektor-Software oder PDF-Bildexporter.
  5. How is “soon” defined? Please, give some hope.
  6. David, inches in “Export…” seems to be far away: Nothing in the feature roadmap, perhaps possible with the Macros (Persona) in the common feature requests. So please try it: Rescale the document/artboard. You can overwrite the units (with “in”) in the fields of “Dimensions” if needed. Then export (and if needed undo the rescaling). Undo is just one keyboard shortcut, the “Snapshots” feature not.
  7. Thanks, Ben! Yes, quality is better than quantity. Dave Harris posted [17 October 2014]: Text snapping is still half-baked, frankly. At the moment, if you move the rectangle it will snap to the baseline of the first line of text, but if you move the text, its baseline won't snap to the rectangle. We will fix it soon. He did not change his informations, did he? People begin to lose confidence when a “soon” means “1.4 years or more”.
  8. Answering with a question … yes he can, but that does not help him, BatteriesIn No way to change the export units. We all hope to get improved export in future. :wub: (What works: Rescale the document/artboard. You can overwrite the units (with “in”) in the fields of “Dimensions” if needed. Then export and undo the rescaling.)
  9. Sorry, sorry, MEB! Andrea is too often unfair and will definitely stop posting. But from the sight of paying customers it seems unfair to write in 2014 “we will fix it soon” because it is still not fixed now. It was not explained why text snapping is not fixed. Those restrictions are still not described in the Help. Professional Illustrator users have not the time for incomplete features and can only deliver complete work. They cannot sell half-baked illustrations. There is a huge difference between ignoring suggestions (no response from members / staff) and to interpret it as ignoring improvements, MEB.
  10. Of course, we know that. Hehe, the performance remark was a bit of a cheap shot for dramatic effect to try capturing your attention. Holding/pressing a key (or pressing shift lock) to (un)catch snapping candidates quicker would be a good idea, but perhaps they do not want to / cannot make it quicker. Many suggestions (to improve snapping, which is fundamental) in the past have been ignored.
  11. People study four years to create professional logos and illustrations. It is not only about m a r k e t i n g, typography, colours, perceptual psychology, … If you need (unprofessional) nice logos, try it for about four days and show us your creations in "Share your work”. We will tell you what has to be changed if it needs to be changed. Perhaps you can more than you think. Good luck!
  12. Perhaps they fear the app would get too slow with “snap to all”. If users do not want to read the Affinity Designer Help, they should go back to Illustrator. First of all, snapping should be completed. For example “text snapping is still half-baked … We will fix it soon” was in 2014 … :(
  13. David, already tried the new Beta or tried to start AP with pressed ctrl* ? * reset the app pressing and holding ctrl while launching the app, then selecting Clear from the following dialog.
  14. BlauerClaus, man könnte auch schreiben, dass man häufig gelesen hat, dass Fehler schnell beseitigt werden und Features sehr schnell kommen. Wenn das dann nicht passiert, kann man Ungeduld (,die evtonic3 nicht direkt auf Affinity bezieht,) verstehen. Vielleicht kann evtonic3 ja nicht arbeiten, weil ein Fehler nicht korrigiert wurde. evtonic3 hat nicht gefragt, wann wir ein Update bekommen und die Mitarbeiter sind ja alt genug, seine Frage zu beantworten. Der kindische Kleinkindervergleich ist da wohl eher nicht so hilfreich. Einige Behauptungen, dass etwas schnell kommt, haben sich nicht bestätigt. Der Publisher-Launch ist beispielsweise auch mehrfach ohne Erklärungen oder Entschuldigung verschoben worden. Dabei handelte es sich nicht um ein paar Monate. Unternehmen, die geplant hatten, waren nicht erfreut. Einige selbstverständliche Grundfunktionen, werden wohl sehr spät nachgeliefert werden, einige Funktionen bleiben seit geraumer Zeit unvollständig und unvollkommen.
  15. Global Colours are already integrated.
  16. Perhaps three additional tumblers later … but if you have the time, please check the old Canvas X or the new Canvas Draw for Mac. But I think you really need an app with a physics engine. Try a google search.
  17. Sorry, Jillybelly28! Had too much Talisker and read only three sentences, hick. You need an app that is able to measure the length. Perhaps Canvas has that feature.
  18. Hi, just type a 250 (or a 250mm) into the field H of “Transform”. Of course three times which is typographically incorrect. HTH
  19. After 1.5 years we all hope too much that all needed features are nearly ready to use. ;-)
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