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  1. Users that don’t know what is needed in typography, don’t miss professional features badly.
  2. Very sad that AP has “the best third party PSD import engine” and is still the only app among many others having problems with (the import of) paths.
  3. Welcome here. The 2.16 MPixel means much more details (informations) than your 0.96 MPixel. The picture has big areas with low contrasts. 79% and 91% have no big negative effect on this picture. There is no mathematical way to get the best combination because software does not know our needs. For example, for some people the second picture is too sharp or unnatural. For others it is ideal because they want to output on an old screen.
  4. Please not only simple patterns. Please, we like to see an implementation of all 17 plane symmetry groups.
  5. No answer, not misread. Just jazz improvisation. If someone has visions, he perhaps needs an optician. But people like sobi need professional apps that work without restrictions like missing text styles or PS path import. People who bought AD and AP because APub was announced for 2015 cannot use the scheduled suite before 2017. They cannot tell their clients: thanks for the money, but it needs some more time for a baseline grid. Elon Musk can do, because he has the money and time to dream. Serif can dream because purchasers hope the apps could replace standard apps in future and because they report bugs and needed features.
  6. The questions were not answered but the feature requests. They know that those features are needed and makes sense in AD but APub is delayed and delayed. Purchasers are disappointed because they cannot use APub as scheduled (from 2015 to 2017). In other apps like Canvas we have those features and Serif seems to hear no cry.
  7. BTW: The decimal separator in the context toolbar is wrong. DAD has a German UI. 0.003 mm/pt in the stroke panel is displayed as 0 mm/pt in the context toolbar. Can we hope of improvements?
  8. Some have not the time or money of Elon Musk and want back their money. Some users gave too much love and time into things that do not fit or work for them. Hope is not a perfect product.
  9. Anthony, even as an exported JPG the quality is fine: Please, what in this image is poor/should be better?
  10. Quicker: Click the triangle area in the bottom-right of the tool icon to access the alternative tool(s) or use additional icons in the tools panel / keyboard shortcuts (defined by additional apps). :) Yes, only some unprofessionals love annoying UI animations, inconsistent UIs, and half-baked tools.
  11. David, in most cases this is OK. But gumbo23 did not tell us very much about what he has and what he wants.
  12. document: same; image: smaller If you resample you get more pixel but not more quality.
  13. Hi Darren, on affinity.serif.com/de/about/ the beta is announced for the end of 2016. Which information is correct? rgds
  14. Set it to “Normal” (instead of “Passthrough”) …
  15. Without the original file it is very difficult to say what is going wrong. Suggestion: Use one artboard for the three pages.
  16. And you will change the typography, too? Why a feather?
  17. FYI: 1 Affinity cat ÷ 1 commonly Adobe pug = 1.69… @ 38 °C [compare] 71 ÷ 1.69… = 42
  18. Just six? Some would kill a cat unit to get dd or c or p or q or dog …
  19. Thanks, old cats/hats. Just astonished that not everybody was aware of the easter eggs.
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